'Black Ink Crew: Chicago' Season 7 full cast list: Meet Ryan Henry, Charmaine Bey and others from VH1 series 

Meet the cast of 'Black Ink Crew: Chicago' Season 7 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Meet the cast of 'Black Ink Crew: Chicago' Season 7 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Black Ink Crew: Chicago is returning to VH1 with a new season. With an extra dose of drama and entertainment, the famous squad of five is going to lay everything on the table.

This American reality series is set in Chicago and focuses on two rival tattoo shops, 9MAG and 2nd City Ink. 9MAG is owned, staffed and operated by African-Americans.

The official synopsis of Black Ink Crew: Chicago reads:

“The 9MAG and 2nd City Ink teams adjust to life post-shutdown, Ryan considers expanding his business, and Charmaine faces conflict at work when she reunites with some of her old crew.”

Meet 9MAG owner Ryan Henry from Black Ink Crew: Chicago

Ryan Henry is the owner of the tattoo shop, 9MAG, in Chicago. While he is known as the reigning tattoo king in the city, the three-month shutdown of the shop, along with a scandal, forced him to close ranks with some of his loyal crew members.

However, Henry is returning with a bang on Season 7 as his shop is open for business and is thriving. In fact, the trailer suggests that the Black Ink Crew: Chicago star is planning to expand his business. In the upcoming season, viewers will see Henry trying to figure out the impact of the choices he made in previous seasons.

Charmaine Bey owns 2nd City Ink

Charmaine Bey is the perfect example of a strong woman. After leaving Henry’s tattoo business, Bey started her own company, 2nd City Ink. The fallout with Henry was due to the latter’s relentless management style, but the upcoming season will see them share a table.

In Black Ink Crew: Chicago's previous season, Bey went through back-to-back sad and happy moments. She, who values loyalty and family, lost her mother and then, discovered that her father has cancer. However, she found happiness when she gave birth to her daughter during the pandemic. She is now set to work on her professional relationship.

Kitty Sovain aka Miss Kitty

After spending time with family in Washington, D.C. during the lockdown, Kitty Sovain aka Miss Kitty is ready to return to Chicago. She was another crew member of 9MAG who parted ways with Henry and the reason was their rumored fling. Leaving the scandal behind, she joined Bey’s 2nd City Ink.

In Black Ink Crew: Chicago Season 7, viewers will see Sovain helping Bey in every possible way to turn 2nd City Ink into one of Chicago’s top tattoo shops. Also, Sovain might give her relationship with Steven a second chance, with whom she had an unfinished date in the previous season.

Along with the mentioned cast members, Black Ink Crew: Chicago Season 7 will also star Don Brumfield and Phor Robinson.

In the VH1 reality show, Brumfield has signed off from Henry’s tattoo shop and is opening his own gym. His newfound dream was built after he had a health scare that had put him in hospital.

Meanwhile, Robinson, the fifth member of Black Ink Crew: Chicago, is getting ready for fatherhood, but he is worried that becoming a father might end his rockstar lifestyle.

Black Ink Crew: Chicago Season 7 is set to premiere Monday, October 4, at 8.00 pm (ET) on VH1. The latest episodes will also be available on Paramount+.

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