Where to watch 'Houses with History'? Release date, trailer, and all about HGTV's new reality series

The cast of HGTV show 'Houses with History' (Image via jennyatfullcirclehomes/ Instagram)
The cast of HGTV show 'Houses with History' (Image via jennyatfullcirclehomes/ Instagram)

A new HGTV home renovation show, Houses with History, is set to blow your mind as it will show the transformation of vintage homes into brand new houses. In the series, history buff Mike Lemieux, professional carpenter Rich Soares and designer Jen Macdonald will be on the hunt to preserve America's oldest historic homes in Plymouth.

Besides showing the renovation, the trio will make the episodes interesting by sharing the origins and significances regarding the historic real estate and why they need a transformation.

The official synopsis of Houses with History reads:

“History geek Mike Lemieux, carpenter Rich Soares and designer Jen MacDonald are three passionate preservationists looking to restore historic homes around Plymouth, Massachusetts. For this determined team, saving a home means saving a piece of history.”

When and where will Houses with History premiere?

Houses with History will premiere Wednesday, September 29, at 9.00 pm on HGTV. Viewers can watch it on their television or can go to the network’s site.

The latest episodes will also stream on Discovery Plus.

Cast of the HGTV show

The network brings three talented cast members to this reality show. Mike Lemieux is a big-time history buff who will be seen taking the lead in telling people stories about any old property in Houses with History.

Rich Soares is the real deal on the reality series when it comes to renovating historic homes because he is a professional carpenter. And the third cast member is Jennifer, aka Jen MacDonald, who has a difficult job as a designer. She will turn the look of an old vintage house into a new home, but will keep the history and originality intact.

Lemieux and MacDonald are husband and wife. They are also business partners and their company is called Full Circle Homes.

About Houses with History Season 1

Several promos and photos have been shared on social media related to the show. Houses with History Season 1 has reportedly been shot over seven months and during this period, the trio cast has renovated six houses.

According to HGTV:

"Mike and Rich will explore both properties, discovering what’s hidden behind old closed doors, inside damp basements and under original plank floorboards, before deciding on one to renovate for a modern family. After the selected home is restored and renovated, special guest Jonathan Knight, star of HGTV’s Farmhouse Fixer, will walk through the finished home to see the astounding results.”

If Houses with History interests you, then HGTV also brings several other options related to renovation and real estate shows. Some of them are: Outgrown, Cash in the Attic and Selling the Big Easy.

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