“Blatant personality shift": Love Is Blind star Marshall Glaze blames Jackie wanting to have fun as cause of rift

Marshall and Jackie from Love Is Blind
Marshall and Jackie from Love Is Blind (Image via marshallglaze, jackelinabonds/Instagram)

Love Is Blind season 4 star Marshall Glaze was one of those unfortunate cast members who were left at the wedding altar. He and Jackelina “Jackie” Bonds were engaged and were all set to tie the knot, but the latter broke up with him just before their wedding. Marshall recently appeared on Nick Viall’s podcast, The Viall Files, where he made several revelations about his and Jackie’s relationship.

Nick asked for his opinion on their relationship shift once the couple went to Mexico after getting engaged. In response, Marshall said:

“The biggest thing for me was just the the very blatant personality shift.”

The marketing manager explained that Jackie appeared to be composed and calm in the pods. But in Mexico, she wanted to get drunk and have fun, which raised red flags for Marshall.

Marshall revealed Jackie was more focused on enjoying vacation than their engagement

On The Viall Files: Love Is Blind edition podcast, Marshall Glaze blamed Jackie Bonds for the rift in their relationship.

Nick Viall asked:

“You guys went to, was it Mexico? You know things took a shift where all of a sudden Jackie started acting like, you know, you weren't meeting her expectations and was saying some kind of, it kind of sounded fairly toxic. It's like it was weird like Jackie was the one demonstrating toxic masculinity weirdly enough. But did that that you know the to the type of energy that she's looking for in a guy?”

Marshall explained:

“We definitely talked a lot about you know the the traits that we want to see in our partner, obviously it's evident that she didn't quite live up to.”

He added:

“Jackie had this very serious all about a demeanor in the pods and then when we got to Mexico, it was like she wanted to play play and she wanted to have fun and get drunk in Mexico and enjoy the vacation.”

Marshall then pointed out that he was barely present when the cast members had a pool party. Jackie was partying with others while he was there to spend time and enjoy time with her.

The marketing manager stated:

"I was there to enjoy my time with her and it wasn't reciprocated. You wanted to continue that kind of intimate quality time and we had that. I'm not saying that we didn't but there were a lot of times where it was more about enjoying Mexico rather than enjoying our engagement.”

The rift between Marshall and Jackie started once they were out of their pods and were engaged in the outer world. The two went through a lot of blame games, fights, and second thoughts. However, they remained engaged until the last minute.

Why did Jackie break up with Marshall on Love Is Blind?

Although Jackie and Marshall had many ups and downs, they were planning to get married. Marshall even went for tuxedo shopping with other cast mates, where he found out that Jackie missed her wedding gown trial.

The day before that, the two went to Chelsea’s birthday party where Josh Demas told Marshall that he would steal Jackie from him. Love Is Blind showed Jackie on a coffee date with Josh on the day she skipped her wedding dress fitting.

She and Marshall then talked, and Jackie confessed that she liked Josh. The engaged couple broke up in Love Is Blind season 4 episode 10.

Meanwhile, viewers can watch all the episodes of Love Is Blind season 4 on Netflix.

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