"Luis owes no explanation": Fans react as Luis Ruelas' video raises arguments and questions relationships in RHONJ Season 12

Teresa stood by Luis while drama unfolded around his leaked video (Image via teresagiudice/Instagram)
Teresa stood by Luis while drama unfolded around his leaked video (Image via teresagiudice/Instagram)

The premiere episode of Bravo's RHONJ Season 12 is now out, and a controversial video of Luis "Louie" Ruelas got leaked all over social media. The housewives also learned about the video, which adds to the drama.

Most discussions within these women's houses revolved around them talking about the clip and whether or not Teresa Giudice had any news about it.

Teresa stood by her man throughout the party, while the entire RHONJ episode revolved around debates about the video and eventually questioned Luis' character. The show's fans took to social media to talk about the clip and the housewives' reactions to it.

One fan tweeted:

"Not a Teresa fan, but she's absolutely right - Luis owes no explanation about the video. If she doesn't care, it's nobody's business. #RHONJ."

RHONJ housewives raise concerns over video

Throughout the first half of the Season 12 premiere episode of RHONJ, the housewives talked to their husbands about the video and how Teresa would react if they told her about it.

In the beginning, Jackie and Evan visited Margaret's house, and the ladies got to chat. While they talked about the video, they also felt that Teresa would not like it if the topic was raised during the summer party.

While Melissa and Joe Gorga met Traci Johnson and Tiki Barber in the premiere episode of RHONJ Season 12, they contemplated whether to talk to Teresa about it.

Joe Gorga was not too happy with Luis's video as he was skeptical of the kind of man Luis was. He did not think that Luis was right for his sister, Teresa.

Joe Gorga, in a confessional, revealed how Luis had talked to him about the camp:

"He told me about that camp when I first met him. He told me, 'Listen, I want to take you to this camp.' But when the video came out, I watched it, and I'm like, 'I'm really not into that kinda camp.'"

Jennifer and Bill Adyn felt that Teresa would get defensive if they brought up the topic of the video.

What transpired in the video?

The clip showed Luis Ruelas shirtless with other similarly undressed men, begging for forgiveness and proclaiming his love for his girlfriend.

“I’m coming home to see you to get engaged and bring our family together and finally get married and have a life together. I love you. I’m sorry I made mistakes and held myself back and held my truth inside and worried about other people around me. I feel your pain; I’m sorry I put you through pain.”

Fans took to social media to express their disappointment with the video.

Margaret intervenes; fans feel it is not her place

Tensions at the summer party on RHONJ rose high when Margaret chose to speak up and asked Teresa to talk to Luis about the video. She stood by her fiance when she said:

“Listen, that’s part of his past, so he doesn’t owe anybody an explanation about anything. I think he’s an amazing man.”

When Margaret said that the housewives were concerned for Teresa and felt she did not make the right choice, the latter said:

“I go by how me and Luis are present and future. I have a past. He has a past. I don’t care, and I want everybody to do the right thing because this is my home. Give me the respect, give him the respect. If not, I’m not going to be good.”

Fans were not too pleased with Margaret intervening in Luis and Teresa's relationship.

There is more drama to come in the following episodes of RHONJ, which airs every Tuesday at 8.00 pm ET on Bravo.

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