"Brother went bankrupt for this?": Verbalase Hazbin Hotel video controversy explored as YouTuber trends online 

Verbalase and Hazbin Hotel controversy explained as former reportedly claims he is bankrupt (Image via EOH404/X and r/197/Reddit)
Verbalase and Hazbin Hotel controversy explained as former reportedly claims he is bankrupt (Image via EOH404/X and r/197/Reddit)

Claims of YouTuber Verbalase going bankrupt after allegedly creating an explicit animated video have spread like wildfire across social media platforms. This comes after an animated video of him getting s*xually assaulted by Hazbin Hotel character, Charlie Morningstar, made it online. At the time of writing this article, the content creator had not addressed the controversy online.

Trigger Warning: The following article mentions s*xual assault and queerphobia. Readers' discretion is advised.

X user @thestartofluck took to the social networking site on January 11 to narrate the recent scandal. They revealed that Verbalase had spent “roughly $50,000 to create the Hazbin Hotel spinoff music video.”


In the video available across social media platforms, one can see a music video with a song titled Hide Away playing in the background. Hazbin Hotel character Charlie can be seen chasing Verbalase until she finally gets hold of him and proceeds to take part in nonconsensual activities.

Netizens are now claiming that Verbalase, whose real name is Adym Steven Evans, went bankrupt after creating the animated music video. Reddit user u/paisleypancake claimed on the r/youtubedrama subreddit:

“This apparently caused him and his youtube channel to go completely bankrupt."

Many were left surprised by this:

Netizen reacts to the viral Hide Away animated music video (Image via Reddit)
Netizen reacts to the viral Hide Away animated music video (Image via Reddit)

Reddit user u/paisleypancake also stated that the video was created in collaboration with a 15-year-old, but no official sources have confirmed the same.

YouTuber Verbalase's prior comments resurface as he allegedly goes bankrupt after dropping explicit animated video

According to Fandom, Hazbin Hotel was created by Vivienne Medrano in 2019. The explicit animated musical comedy is expected to release this month on Prime Video. The series focuses on the protagonist Charlie Morningstar, who also goes by the moniker of the Princess of Hell. Her goal is to create a hotel that will rehabilitate “Sinners,” with the aim of teaching them to become better individuals in the society.

In the upcoming show, Charlie finds herself facing numerous obstacles, including suffering from overpopulation.


Reddit and X users claim that Verbalase was inspired to use Charlie Morningstar in his own music video. For those uninitiated, Verbalase is best known online for his Cartoon Beatbox Battles series. In the same, the Las Vegas-native combines beatboxing, rapping, singing and sound effects to create remixes of popular songs and cartoon theme songs.

Not only is he facing the internet’s wrath for creating the explicit video, but also for his alleged queerphobic and homophobic opinions. X user @Deathraptor6 shared screenshots of him allegedly saying:

“When I went to Disneyland in 2018… there was no preaching about gender and gay stuff, nothing it was literally a family friendly place.”

In another Discord comment, Evans said:

“That’s because even though they say the[y] identify as a female, they’re still 100% male, so their DNA and body structure are ging to be different than a female. So if you have a bulked up male competing in women’s Olympics just because he says he identifies as a female, how is that fair to biological women?”

The X user shared several other instances of Evans being queerphobic. Netizens can find the same under their account.

Netizens create hilarious memes following Verbalase's Hazbin Hotel scandal

It seems like internet users had a field day with the latest controversy. Many took to X to relentlessly troll the YouTuber. A few hilarious memes read:

As mentioned prior, the social media personality had not publicly addressed the controversy.

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