BTS fans celebrate a decade of Kim Taehyung being in the K-Pop industry by trending "10 things I love about V"

BTS' V's fans celebrate 10 years of him being a Bangtan member (Image via Twitter/@Taehyungimpact)

On June 3, BTS fans took to social media to celebrate a decade of BTS' V being part of Bangtan and the K-pop industry by trending "10 things I love about V." Fans took to Twitter to post their favorite videos, pictures, and moments featuring the Sweet Night singer. Although Jimin was the final member to join Bangtan, V was the last idol to be unveiled as part of the septet's official lineup and at the time was termed as BTS' "Secret weapon."

On June 2, 2013, the Singularity singer was officially introduced as a member of BTS, confirming that the final lineup included seven members: RM (Kim Namjoon, leader and rapper), Jin (Kim Seokjin, vocalist and visual), SUGA (Min Yoongi, rapper and producer), J-hope (Jung Hoseok, dancer and rapper), Jimin (Park Jimin, dancer and vocalist), V (Kim Taehyung, vocalist and visual), and Jungkook (Jeon Jungkook, vocalist and maknae).

Several fans took to social media to celebrate a decade of V being a K-pop idol.

BTS' V was the last member to be introduced back in 2013

It is no secret that leader RM was the first member to join BIG HIT MUSIC as a trainee and then the official lineup of Bangtan, followed by SUGA, then J-hope, completing the group's lineup. Jin and Jungkook joined at the same time as Bangtan's oldest and youngest members respectively, followed by V and Jimin, the septet's 95-liners.

However, despite that, the Sweet Night singer was the last member to be officially introduced as a member of BTS. It was in 2011 that V was selected as a trainee. However, he was hidden for two years while the rest of the band members were introduced to fans. He was finally introduced on June 2, 2013, 11 days before he debuted as BTS' "secret weapon."

The Singularity singer faced many challenges as a hidden member and was finally happy to greet fans via his introductory post on their official Fancafe. He mentioned that he was overwhelmed that he could finally greet ARMYs on his own. He also shared his excitement regarding Bangtan's first-stage performance. He requested fans to shower their love and support on BTS.

Today, ARMYs celebrate a decade of The Christmas Tree singer as a K-pop idol and one-seventh of Bangtan with the hashtag "10 things I love about V."

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Bangtan's producer and BIG HIT MUSIC's founder Bang PD revealed the reason behind keeping V as a "secret weapon." He shared that the Sweet Night singer was very charming in terms of appearance and personality and hence he thought it was a great strategy to keep him hidden until a few days before the group's debut.

He said:

"V had great charms in terms of appearance and personality, so I thought it would be impactful when he was revealed last. It was an effective strategy in forming the team’s overall image, as well as leaving an impression of each member."

Today, V is arguably the most popular idol in the world with the highest number of followers amongst male K-pop idols, and the first K-pop star to feature on Dubai's Burj Khalifa.

BTS' V is expected to make his solo debut in the second half of the year

As per Hanwha Investment & Securities Bangtan's two youngest members, V and Jungkook are set to release their solo albums in the second half of 2023. V will reportedly release his solo work between July and September, and Jungkook will release his solo album between October and December.

Although there is no official confirmation about the same, V has been dropping hints about a possible solo debut and ARMYs are excitedly anticipating the same. If confirmed, he will be the sixth member of the group to make his solo debut.

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