"World doesn't deserve Kim Taehyung": BTS' V showered with praise for interacting with fans using sign language

A still of the K-pop idol BTS
A still of the K-pop idol BTS' V aka Kim Tae-hyung. (Image via Instagram/@thv)

BTS' V always tries his best to communicate with fans at any chance he gets. On September 27 and 28, 2022, V attended Kim Eana's radio show Starry Nights. Several of his fans gathered outside the studio to get a glimpse of the artist, and V didn't disappoint as he came to the window to greet his fans and interact with them.

In a recently uploaded YouTube video, the deaf ARMY club praised BTS' V for his kind actions. The K-pop idol was seen waving at his fans outside the studio window as the song Magic Shop played inside. The member, who was gently swaying to the lyrics along with his fans, used sign language to communicate with those with hearing disabilities.

In one instance, he put a clenched fist over his nose, which is an action for "feel good" or "like." He was also seen doing an action that stood for "hugs." Moreover, the artist used several other expressions to display affection for his fans.

Music has no language, and BTS is living proof of it. A K-pop group finding immense popularity even amongst non-Korean speaking people came as a surprise. However, BTS' ability to communicate through beyond words probably had a huge factor to play. BTS' V's actions to include people with hearing disabilities in his fan interactions prove why fans are so fond of him.

Fans pour love and gratitude on BTS' V for making the correct use of sign language

ARMYs flooded the internet praising Taehyung's warm and comforting actions. They expressed their delight by cheering for the artist who takes good care of his fans and ensures that his positive feelings can reach as many people as possible.

ARMYs also cited past instances where BTS, most particularly V, had used sign language to communicate with his fans.

The first instance was the class of 2020, a video produced by YouTube with the Obamas as host, where the septet were featured. BTS' V made a sign that stood for clapping. He tried to express his enthusiasm to his fans who had managed to graduate in the year of the lockdown.

BTS' V also used sign language during the promotions for Butter. Additionally, the whole group used sign language in their choreography for their song Permission to Dance.

BTS' V's warmhearted personality continues to win hearts. His actions prove his sincerity and admiration for his fans.

The artist is known for more than just his hard work and good looks. Small little actions like these are sure to make anyone's day and coming from the megastar, only proving why he is one of the most loved celebrities of today.

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