BTS' Jin reunites with celebrity chef Baek Jong-won for a family barbecue lunch, J-Hope responds

Jin catches up chef Baek Jong Won for a delicious meal (Image via @jin/Instagram)
Jin catches up chef Baek Jong Won for a delicious meal (Image via @jin/Instagram)

K-pop global sensation BTS’ Jin shared some exciting content with fans. The Epiphany singer met up with South Korean chef Baek Jong-won and posted scrumptious pictures of the various meals the two cooked together.

Looking at Baek Jong-won and Jin together, group member J-Hope commented on the duo's picture and stated:

"Why don't you call me?."

Baek Jon Won is a famous South Korean chef and the main host of the SBS cooking television series, Baek Jong-won's Top 3 Chef King, Baek Jong-won's Alley Restaurant and Baek Jong-won's Food Truck.

In 2021, Baek produced his own original series titled Baek Spirit with the online streaming platform, Netflix. He is also the CEO of Thebron Korea Inc. and has 26 restaurant franchises with 1,299 branches across the country including, Baek’s Coffee, Saemaul Sikdang, and Baek’s Bibim.

BTS' Jin and chef Baek Jong-won clinked wine glasses and cooked delicious lunch together

BTS member Jin was seen having a good time with celebrity chef Baek Jon-won. The duo’s recent meeting has created ripples on the internet, with fans loving the catch-up session. On May 23, Jin posted a series of pictures with chef Baek Jong-won on his official Instagram account.

In the pictures, Jin was posing with chef Baek and was also seen clinking wine glasses together. The K-pop idol also shared pictures of ribs being cooked on a grill as well as some tender meat covered in leafy green vegetables.

Upon seeing the update, group mate J-Hope quickly commented on Jin's picture, and seemed surprised that the duo didn't invite him for lunch. J-Hope jokingly stated:

"Omg Teacher Baek! Jjwin (Jin)! Why don’t you call me!."

Jin, as usual, responded with a humorous remark when he noticed J-Hope getting jealous, to which the latter responded with laughing emojis. Jin responded:

"Know when to join, and know when to don’t leave/join."

In the next post uploaded by Jin, J-Hope seemed to cheer on the duo and commented with a lot of emojis:

"So sweet."

Meanwhile, J-Hope recently visited Louis Vuitton’s first ever pop-up restaurant located at its flagship store in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul. The idol also posted pictures with world-famous Chef Pierre Sang and seemed to have visited the place by himself.

Over the years, Jin has shared numerous pictures of himself cooking with his favorite chef and friend Baek Jon-won. The chef had previously featured on a cooking challenge episode of the K-pop boy group’s variety show, Run BTS, in 2021.

[🎞] Moment from Run BTS! - Ep-125🐯 Let me clean this up Baek Jong-won : Wow. You’re a cleaner 🐹 Thats an important role Baek Jong-Won: I like how much V cares about hygiene #BTSMoments @BTS_twt #BTSARMY

Baek has always been a supporter of BTS Jin’s cooking and has been noticed to catch-up with the K-pop idol on numerous occasions. The duo’s bond is iconic and both are often seen cooking together and hanging about.

Meanwhile, the seven-member group are hopping back into the kitchen for the return of their cooking and exciting education program, The BTS Recipe In Korean. The show is made as an effort to spread Korean culture and language across the globe and is being spearheaded by HYBE EDU.

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