BTS' RM and Jin share crazy antics on today's "Namjin" live stream

BTS' RM and Jin hop on live stream to talk to fans (Image via Twitter)
BTS' RM and Jin hop on live stream to talk to fans (Image via Twitter)

ARMYs are over the moon after BTS' RM and Jin greeted them with a special gift today!

The pair hosted a fun and relaxing live stream today, playing games and entertaining their fans with their eccentric and funny banter. Previously, on August 10, 2021, BTS' Jimin hosted a solo live stream on the same platform.

With the excitement and serotonin levels going through the roof amongst members of the ARMY community today, a lot was talked about - all of which can be caught below.

BTS' RM and Jin play games and talk about their parents

BTS members RM (Kim Nam-joon) and Jin (Kim Seok-jin) sat down to host a live stream today titled "Namjin" or 남진, instantly making news. The pair are much loved by ARMYs (fans of BTS) due to their hilarious chemistry!

The pair decided to build mini lego figurines on stream, rambling on about various events between them. However, this didn't end without a solid stream of chaotic energy emulating throughout the live.

As close as RM and Jin seem to be, according to them, their fathers are just as close. The two spoke about how their parents often hang out with each other. Coincidentally, both of the BTS members are from the Gyeonggi Province - that's probably how their families are able to see each other often.

After building their block figurines, RM and Jin showed them off to camera. It was a special building block set made for BTS' BT21 characters. RM crafted his character Koya, while Jin made RJ.

BTS RM is infamous within the ARMY community for being a destructive and clumsy person, albeit in an endearing way. His nickname is the "God of Destruction." In the past, he's managed to break stage floors, lost more than 10 pairs of airpods, and broken his own figurines, glasses, and other miscellaneous props.

Today was no exception, when he happened to tear through a plastic bag for the building block set so hard, that the pieces flew all over.

A raving topic for fans was RM's build. The BTS member has been seen working out on their documentaries and other behind-the-scenes videos, and his fitness journey has been well documented by fans with eagle eyes.

Near the end of the live stream, RM and Jin expressed their wishes to see their fellow members Suga (Min Yoon-gi) and J-Hope (Jung Ho-seok) host another one of their own duo livestreams. They're collectively known as Sope, a name used by both the members and their fans.

After RM's and Jin's request, fans are now hoping to see Sope make a comeback to their upbeat and banter-rich livestreams. Before that, ARMYs may possibly see a new album.

The duo slipped that they were practicing choreography for something, but turned it into a joke quickly and moved on from the topic. Is BTS making a comeback soon? We may soon find out.

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