BTS' RM is off Namjoon-ing in Texas, USA and fans can't get enough

Namjoon is currently in the town of Marfa. (Image via Instagram/@rkive)
Namjoon is currently in the town of Marfa. (Image via Instagram/@rkive)
Tuba Waqar

BTS have officially taken their second long-term break to recharge, starting December 6, and the group's leader, RM aka Namjoon, has kicked it off in style from Texas, USA.

All four members of the mega-popular band joined Instagram on December 6, with each giving fans a sneak peek at what they are up to this break. RM surprised fans by posting a series of images from The Chinati Foundation, a contemporary art museum located in Marfa, Texas.

BTS' Namjoon aka RM is a lover of the arts

The BTS member is well known for his love for all things art. Thus it is no surprise that he chose this quaint art museum as his first destination.

RM gave a short tour of the place on his Instagram account, sharing images from his favorite art installations from the area. As one can see from his photos, Chinati Foundation’s pieces combine art, architecture, and land to create stunning works of art. Namjoon captioned the series of images in his trademark style, “In Judd we trust,” referring to the museum’s founder Donald Judd.

Chinati Foundation was founded by the famous minimalist artist Donald Judd, who left New York City in the 70s to relocate to this small town in Texas. Marfa, home to only 1800 residents, has become a major center for minimalist art and a must-visit for art lovers across the world. Marfa’s official website describes it as “a place where the past is present” and as “where celebrities go to escape.” According to NPR, Marfa itself is a piece of art, “an unlikely art oasis in a desert town.”

RM has often spoken about his life philosophy of “Namjooning”, and if the town’s description is anything to go by, Marfa appears to be the ideal place for it- “the act of living as Kim Namjoon.” This includes “taking walks through parks, admiring nature, hanging out with crabs, and having fun with friends.”

The BTS leader's fans were pleasantly surprised by his place of choice, and several American fans exclaimed at how close he was to them. Most agreed that this was the perfect place for RM.

namjoon drove to a tiny town in texas to visit a foundation that preserves permanently installed living spaces and libraries.. i love him
nothing is more namjoon than driving all the way to middle of nowhere texas just to see a modern art collection

Namjoon also shared several Instagram stories while taking a tour of the place. In one, he could be seen enthusiastically asking questions to the museum’s curator, being the art enthusiast that he is.

insta story 211208 | rkivetranscription:🗣: so we thought it was the temperature that was making these pieces expand and contract. 'cause even in some of them, there will be like a gap.. a very slight gap that opens up. we thought, oh god, they’re expanding and contracting..

The Instagram posts and RM’s poses in them have made the Internet quickly label him “boyfriend material”, with ARMY gushing over his good looks and charming demeanor.

kim namjoon, the boyfriend material you are
i never even considered the danger of namjoon having a pretty boyfriend instagram account what the hell i will never recover from this
namjoon’s boyfriend, i envy you

Interestingly, several ARMY members pointed out a fun BTS easter egg regarding Chinati Foundation. An aerial image of the buildings of the museum revealed that they were placed exactly like a seven, which happens to be the number of members in BTS! While this might be a coincidence, many have already declared it destiny.

i know the 7 be following bts and armys everywhere but the way this is shaped is jus crazy like…

Several other art museums in the area have already extended an invitation to the BTS frontliner, asking him to visit, including the Kimbell Art Museum.

Hi @BTS_twt RM, we see that you're in Marfa! 👀We'd love to welcome you for some #Namjooning in Fort Worth, Texas for the "Turner's Modern World" special exhibition. 🎨❤️#btsoninstagram #BTSINSTAGRAM #BTS #Namjoon…
[🔎] K-Media reports that Namjoon, Yoongi, Taehyung, and Hoseok will be staying in the United States to have private time. Bighit did not mention how long the vacation will last but @BTS_twt is expected to return to their activities before the Grammys on January 31st.

Meanwhile, RM is not the only BTS member in the USA right now. While Jin, Jimin, and Jungkook may have returned to Korea, Suga, J-Hope, and V have chosen to stay back in America for now. The gang will be back together for the Grammys, where BTS has been nominated for Pop Duo/group performance.

Edited by Yasho Amonkar
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