Top 5 most viewed fancams of BTS' V

A still of the artist (Image via @BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter)
A still of the artist (Image via @BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter)

BTS has always garnered millions of views on their music videos, setting multiple records for the most views in 24 hours. The member-focused fancams of their performances are no different.

BTS' V is dubbed the "King of Fancams." In 2021 he became the first idol to have 11 fancams surpass 10 million views. He has also been crowned the 'Most Handsome Man in the World' multiple times by BESTTOPPER.

Taehyung's charms and expressions are always top notch, perfectly embodying the song, a reason why his fancams are so popular.

Here are top 5 BTS V's fancams that people just could not stop watching

5) Airplane Pt. 2


At number five is BTS' b-side hit Airplane Pt. 2, released on their album Love Yourself: Tear. The song was performed in 2018 on M Countdown and garnered over 12 million views.

Taehyung's fancam perfectly displayed his boyish charms during the performance, which when paired with his innocent and cute expressions melted ARMY hearts around the world.

4) DNA


Next up is Taehyung's legendary fancam for the DNA comeback stage on M Countdown. His silver hair was the talk of the town and had ARMYs flooding social media praising his look. ARMYs were enamored by the beautiful facial expressions V showed during the performance and hence garnered a whopping 13 million views.

3) Butter


In third place is BTS' performance of Butter for SiriusXM. The V-focused fancam uploaded as a Bangtan Bomb on BangtanTV garnered 15 million views in just eight months.

It is also the most viewed K-pop fancam of 2021. Taehyung permed his hair for this performance and ARMYs flooded the comment section of the video praising his golden curls.

2) ON


The 2020 comeback stage for ON on M Countdown comes in second place. Taehyung showed off his black curls and fake neck tattoos, the latter being his own creative innovation.

It also inspired other idols to make similar tattoo designs on their bodies. Taehyung's fancam has around 22 million views and is among the top 10 most viewed Kpop fancams. The energy with which he performed was entertaining and loved by many.

1) Boy With Luv


Coming in first place is Taehyung's fancam from Boy With Luv at M Countdown's comeback stage. The fancam has accumulated a whopping 138 million views in just three years.

It is also the most viewed K-pop fancam of all time. People around the world have replayed this video countless times due to the flirtatious charms Taehyung exuded throughout the performance, completely capturing the essence of the song.

It is not just ARMYs and the general public watching his fancams, but also idols in the same industry as him. No wonder he is known as the idol of idols.

BTS' comeback is much awaited and so is another legendary fancam from Taehyung.

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