Buckhead Shore: Parker confesses he's in love with Katie after spending the night with Savannah in Episode 7

Parker (Image via Instagram/@parkerlipman)
Parker (Image via Instagram/@parkerlipman)

Buckhead Shore Season 1 returned to MTV for an all-new dramatic episode on Thursday night. This week, Katie's absence made Parker face realizations he had been avoiding. Parker admitted that he loved Katie despite being with Savannah just the previous night.

Episode 7 of Buckhead Shore, titled I Miss You Even When I'm With You, featured a lot of shocking turns of events. The main shocker was between Savannah and Parker. Last week, Katie left the lakehouse, claiming she didn't want to come between Parker and Savannah. In this milieu, the episode kicked off this week with Savannah and Bethany having a conversation.

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Bethany questioned Savannah about her previous night with Parker. The Buckhead Shore star felt embarrassed because she didn't want to be judged for hooking up with Parker. She told Bethany that she didn't want to make a big scene because she was trying to be respectful of Katie.

Although Parker was with Savannah, he couldn't help but think about Katie. During his confessional, he shared that he planned on meeting her once they left the lakehouse.

Parker realizes that he's in love with Katie in Buckhead Shore Episode 7

At the beginning of the episode, Parker tries to woo Savannah by penning down love notes to her. Later that night, the group decided to play a game where everyone wrote notes and stuck them on the other person, and they had to figure out who wrote them.

Pat decided to play a joke on Parker. In his note to the Buckhead Shore star, he penned that Parker was in love with two people, which hurt Savannah.

Though she was upset with Parker, she agreed that what was written on the note was genuine. She claimed that Parker still had feelings for Katie despite being with her. Eventually, it became too much for her to handle. She teared up and ended up locking herself in the washroom.

After the Buckhead Shore star returned from the washroom, Pat felt guilty and wanted to make things better between Parker and Savannah. He planned to get the pair to hug it out. While it worked at that moment, Parker realized something that would leave Savannah heartbroken.

When Parker was asked if he wished that Katie was here instead, at the start, he didn't comment on that question and avoided it. But the night before the group left the lakehouse, Parker admitted to Savannah that he felt terrible for Katie.

The Buckhead Shore star comforted him and said he should meet her when they returned. Though he agreed to meet her, during his confessional, Parker shared that he didn't know what he would say or do.

The next day, before they could leave the lakehouse, Parker decided to have a heart-to-heart conversation with DJ, where he opened up about his feelings. He told his best friend that even though it seemed like he was having fun in the lakehouse, he missed Katie.

During his confessional, the Buckhead Shore star shared that a lot had happened between him and Katie. He told DJ that there was so much history between them and that with her being gone, he couldn't pretend like he didn't have any feelings for her.

Parker continued to share that he messed up and had no easy way around it. He added that when Katie was leaving, all he wanted to do was to run behind her and stop her from going. He eventually confessed to DJ and shared that he loved Katie.

Buckhead Shore airs every Thursday at 9 pm ET only on MTV. Readers can check their local listings for more information.

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