Burger King to give out free Whoppers on May 18: How to avail the limited-offer revealed

Burger King UK is providing free Whoppers on May 18 (Image via @burgerkinguk/Twitter)
Burger King UK is providing free Whoppers on May 18 (Image via @burgerkinguk/Twitter)

Burger King has promised to provide free burgers to its customers in the United Kingdom. The food joint is celebrating the return of Whopper Day, where fans get a chance to acquire a free burger.

The food joint has kept both its meat-loving and vegan customers in mind while creating the offer, providing two choices for the patty.

The offer will only be valid on Wednesday, May 18.

If we see enough people say ‘I want a Whopper’ in the replies we’ll give them out for free on Wednesday 🍔

How to grab a free Whopper at Burger King?

Customers interested in the offer will have to register themselves on the Burger King mobile app. After that, they can walk up to their nearest outlet, show their account to the cashier and get their free snack.

WHOPPER DAY IS ON! Download our app to claim your free Whopper on the 18th May ➡️ T&Cs apply.

Fans of the franchise get to have a free beef Whopper. The burger is usually priced at £5.49, and contains a flame-grilled patty, topped with tomatoes, lettuce, onions and pickles.

The brand hasn't forgotten about its vegan and vegetarian customers. It is also providing a non-meat alternative that uses plant-based patties and vegan mayo. However, people should remember that according to Burger King's website, both the patties are cooked on the same grill.

The offer does not require any purchase and will be available in participating outlets all over the UK. However, an account on the company's app is necessary to grab it.

Customers can also get free Whoppers on any Deliveroo order worth over £15.

Katie Evans, chief marketing officer for the brand, commented:

"The Whopper is Burger King's hero burger – created using fresh ingredients, made to order your way and flame-grilled to create the signature, mouth-watering flavor that our customers love."

She further added:

"For one day only we think everyone deserves to get involved with a bite of the action and savor a free Whopper on us. If you haven’t tried a Whopper before, here’s the day to try it."

Burger King Germany created a special menu for Mother's Day

@brainr0tgf Pregnant woman menu in germany burger king

The food joint launched a new line of flavor combinations to celebrate this year's Mother's Day. The German counterpart of the brand launched a new menu curated specifically for expecting mothers, that contains unique combinations of popular pregnancy cravings, designed by Grabarz & Partner.

The advertisement for the new Whoppers said:

"For Mother's Day 2022 we will make your pregnancy cravings come true in a burger."

The flavor combinations in the new menu included sausage with marinated herring, strawberry ice cream with chips, as well as pancakes with ice cream and raspberries. The menu also included burgers with fried eggs and bananas, or vanilla ice cream with eggs and olives.

The fast-food chain shared:

"With a representative survey of (expectant) mums, the company uncovered the myth surrounding pregnancy cravings. The result: pregnancy cravings are the most normal thing in the world and resistance is (almost) pointless."

The food chain conducted a survey of 1,070 women between the ages of 16 and 45, in Germany. Fifty-eight per cent of these women agreed that they had heard of pregnancy cravings, and seventy-six per cent stated that pregnancy urges are often too strong to ignore.

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