"Can't tell the difference": Brian Laundrie's lookalike goes viral, leaves the internet in awe 

Brian Laundrie lookalike causes a storm online (Image via TikTok and gabspetito/ Instagram)
Brian Laundrie lookalike causes a storm online (Image via TikTok and gabspetito/ Instagram)

A TikToker who shares an uncanny resemblance to one of the most wanted suspects in the United States, Brian Laundrie, has taken the internet by storm. The unnamed individual, who goes by the username @notbrianlaundrie on the video sharing platform, has uploaded several videos of himself speaking about the unfortunate similarities.

Brian Laundrie has been marked as a person of interest after his fiancée’s suspicious death. The TikToker looks similar to the balding, bearded suspect and also shares the same muscular build.

The unnamed man has gained popularity online after a person mistook the gentleman, in a nightclub, for Brian Laundrie.

As the FBI continues to search for Laundrie, several police departments across the country have been receiving tips regarding the whereabouts of the 23-year-old person of interest.

Laundrie was last seen on September 14, and has been on the run since then.

Brian Laundrie's lookalike gains popularity online

The TikToker took to the platform to share clips of himself alongside a video of Brian Laundrie as he continues to be mistaken for the missing suspect. He eagerly spoke in the video to “put all of these rumors to bed.”

The video of the two standing side by side has now been viewed close to 2 million times on TikTok. It stands as the first video of the unidentified man to be released under his own username.

As he continued to hilariously pity himself for the resemblance, he said in a video:

"Quick request from everyone, any advice on what I should say to people who think that I am Brian Laundrie? Really appreciate it."

He continued to express how uncomfortable he was with the similarity and stressed in another video:

“I’m not Brian Laundrie!”

In another video on TikTok, he shared his anxiety on traveling. He said:

"I'm flying across the country tomorrow for my cousin's wedding, and it's a pretty long flight. So if you have any tips for me on how not to get attacked or accused of being this guy, get at me."

As the lookalike took part in the journey, the man was seen wearing sunglasses, a large face mask and a hat to make sure he wouldn't get called out as Brian Laundrie.

After the trip, the individual took to social media notifying his followers that his facade stood successful, but he did get a “few strange looks” from people traveling with him.

Some reactions to the resemblance included:

"The worst time to be a doppelganger.”

Another person has stated that they feel “nervous” for the TikToker. A comment read:

"I'm literally worried for this guy.”

As Brian Laundrie’s lookalike trends online, the search for the suspect continues.

Edited by Abu Amjad Khan
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