''Can't wait to see it again'': Predator prequel Prey first reactions at SDCC 2022 screening

Prey (Photo by Courtesy of 20th Century Studios/via IMDb)
Prey (Photo by Courtesy of 20th Century Studios/via IMDb)
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The much-anticipated prequel to the iconic Predator franchise, Prey, was screened at the San Diego Comic-Con 2022 on July 21, 2022. Earlier, Hulu dropped the official trailer for the film in June, and since then, fans of the beloved series have been waiting with bated breath for the prequel. Many viewers and critics on Twitter praised the film, with some saying it's the best Predator movie of all time. One ecstatic netizen even shared how they "can't wait to see it again!"

That could very well be the best #Predator sequel, I walked out of that theater as very satisfied fan. I loved #Prey, and I can’t wait to see it again!

Some users also praised the performance by lead actress Amber Midthunder. With that said, read further to find out more about the movie and fans' reactions to it on Twitter.

Critics and viewers praise Predator prequel Prey at SDCC 2022 screening

Several critics and viewers took to Twitter to talk about the highly anticipated Predator prequel. They praised various aspects of Prey, including the acting, storyline, and direction, among other things. Take a look at some of the first reactions to Prey on Twitter:

#PreyMovie is phenomenal. It's the sequel the Predator franchise needed and manages to stand on its own. I've loved Amber Midthunder's work and it makes me so happy to see her thrive. So happy to finally get to talk #Prey
Not even kidding. This moving was amazing. Seriously pays homage to the original and takes the series and makes its own. Loved it!!! Time for the Q&A with director, producer and cast. @AmberMidthunder is spectacular in it. #Prey #Predator #SDCC.
#Prey is an excellent, action packed entry to the franchise that creatively takes it in new directions. It’s the best since the original, with great central characters and a fun, menacing new Yautja design. Loved it.
Happy to say that #Prey is absolutely brilliant. It's got one of the coolest tie-ins to the #Predator lore in it and some brilliant action scenes. Feels like The Revenant at points and it had me hooked throughout. Saved the franchise for me.
Very excited to have seen #Prey ahead of its release! A deeply atmospheric, suspense-heavy film that makes the most of the wilderness offered up by its pre-colonial setting. Huge portions of this film feature little-to-no dialogue, resulting in magnificent visual storytelling.
And #PreyMovie is the first film to get a full dub in Comanche. Not only does #Prey break language barriers, it also portrays indigenous cultures as the heroes of their own story. It’s a major step in the right direction for representation. And it’s for a very cool Predator movie
That could very well be the best #Predator sequel, I walked out of that theater as very satisfied fan. I loved #Prey, and I can’t wait to see it again!
Prey is absolutely awesome. It makes the Predator scary once again, features some callbacks to Predator 1 and 2, and Amber Midthunder is utterly badass. Such a great action movie, disappointing that it’s not going to theaters. #Prey #Predator
Check out Tom’s review for #Prey. Very excited to see this 5th August.…
I saw the #PreyMovie and it was awesome! I’ve been waiting for a good Predator movie for a lot of time and #Prey has everything! I loved the fresh take on the series and how it manages to gives us something new but uses those elements that we’re familiar with the franchise. 🙌
Just finished watching the screening of #Prey. This is the movie we have been waiting for. The cinematography, score, casting, and acting - PHENOMENAL. Highly recommended. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of five stars. If you do not have Hulu, sign up and watch Prey. @Predator @hulu

The initial reactions to the Predator prequel have been overwhelmingly positive, further increasing anticipation among fans who are yet to watch the film. It is set to premiere on Hulu on August 5, 2022.

A quick look at Prey trailer, plot, and cast


Prey tells the story of a highly skilled warrior named Naru whose life is threatened by a lethal alien. The official synopsis of the film on Hulu reads:

''An all-new entry in the Predator franchise, set 300 years ago, tells the story of a young Comanche woman, a fierce and highly skilled warrior, who stalks and ultimately confronts, a highly evolved alien predator with a technically advanced arsenal.''

The trailer wastes no time in establishing the plot and motive as viewers are immediately introduced to the lead character, who's asked, ''Why do you want to hunt?'' to which she responds, ''Because you all think that I can't.'' Replete with stunning visuals, the trailer showcases several terrifying scenes that almost makes it feel like a horror film.

The movie stars Amber Midthunder in the lead role as Naru. Midthunder has been a part of several films and shows over the years, including Legion, Rosewell, New Mexico, The Ice Road, and many more. Apart from Midthunder, the film features several other actors in crucial supporting roles, including:

  • Stefany Mathias
  • Dane DiLiegro
  • Dakota Beavers
  • Stormee Kipp

The movie is directed by Dan Trachtenberg from a script penned by Patrick Aison. Trachtenberg is best known for his debut flick, 10 Cloverfield Lane, starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

More details about the Predator franchise


The first film of the popular franchise, titled Predator, was released in 1987, to mixed reviews from critics. Over the years, the film has managed to garner a strong cult following around the world, with many considering it to be one of the greatest action movies ever made. It stars Arnold Schwarzenegger in the lead role as Major Alan Schaefer who, along with his military rescue team, sets out to confront a frightening alien.

Over the years, three sequels have been released, all of which were box-office hits. Although none of the sequels could match the critical success of the first film, the franchise continues to enjoy a significant fanbase across the globe.

Don't miss Prey on Hulu on August 5, 2022.

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