CBS’ Tough as Nails season 4 air time and release date

Phile Keoghan to host Tough as Nails
Phil Keoghan to host Tough as Nails (Image via Instagram/@philiminator)

Tough as Nails is set to premiere with another season on Wednesday, January 4, 2023, with a two-hour special episode at 9 pm ET on CBS. The CBS show follows a group of everyday hardworking Americans who spend hours on their jobs to get the work done.

As the name itself might suggest, the show isn’t about glam. On the contrary, it’s about getting down and dirty and getting back up. The new season of the show will feature some of the hardest workers in America, with Phil Keoghan serving as host once again.

CBS’s press release about the show reads:

"The best of the best essential workers will test their life skills at real job sites, including construction, welding, fishing, farming, carpentry and more. One by one, they are eliminated from the individual competition until a winner is crowned, but what sets TOUGH AS NAILS apart is nobody goes home."
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It continues:

"Contestants who "punch out" of the individual competition continue to compete until the end of the season in a team competition with a chance of winning additional cash prizes."

Tough as Nails season 4 promises a number of memorable moments that highlight what hard work truly looks like.

Tough as Nails season 4 will see contestants fight it out in two teams and win additional prizes

CBS’ Tough as Nails is set to feature construction workers, firefighters, pipeline laborers, welders, and more. The show will put the skills of essential workers to the test at real sites doing real jobs. The beginning of the show will take the hardworking contestants to Catalina Island where they’ll compete in their first challenge. As part of the challenge, they will have to replace old boat moorings.

The top two contestants will receive the advantage of picking the teams that comprise the Dirty Hands and the Savage Crew. Their next challenge will consist of an individual challenge, during which they must build a concrete retaining wall.

Each week, one contestant will leave Tough as Nails and lose the chance of winning $200,000 and a Ford Super Duty truck. However, this is not the only prize that contestants should look out for. Along with the grand prize, competitors will get multiple opportunities to win additional cash bonuses.

In the previous seasons, the winning team in each challenge received an additional $12,000 and the Badge of Honor. This season, the creators have tweaked it just a little, and the team with the most Badges of Honor will receive an additional $60,000 cash incentive.

Set to compete in Tough as Nails season 4 are:

  • Jake Cope (Little Meadows, Pa.)
  • Ilima Shim (Waianae, Hawaii)
  • Laura Bernotas (Norfolk, Va.)
  • Sergio Robles (Huntington Beach, Ca.)
  • Renee Kolar (Marshfield, Mass.)
  • Larron Ables (Austin, Texas)
  • Synethia Bland (Roselle, N.J)
  • Aly Bala (Covington, Ga.)
  • Mister Frost (Spencer, Okla.)
  • Beth Salva-Clifford (Norfolk, Va.)
  • Jorge Zavala (Ontario, Ca.)
  • Ellery Liburd (Bronx, N.Y)

Host and executive producer Phil Keoghan commented on the cast, saying:

"It’s so exciting to see Tough as Nails become part of the zeitgeist. As word spreads, we are spoiled with casting great characters. It is an honor to share so many inspirational stories with our growing fan base. And the competition? Neck and neck all season with a hard-fought battle to the finish line unlike any we’ve had before."

The CBS show is produced by Raquel Productions Inc., in association with Tough House Productions Inc. It is created by Phil Keoghan and Louise Keoghan, both of whom also serve as executive producers.

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