Celebrity Family Feud Season 8 Episode 2: Did Salt-N-Pepa deserve $25K win? 

Team Salt-N-Pepa beat The Proud Family (Image via Christopher Willard/ABC)
Team Salt-N-Pepa beat The Proud Family (Image via Christopher Willard/ABC)

After a fantastic premiere last week, Celebrity Family Feud returned for another episode tonight. The cast of "The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder" competed against the hip hop team "Salt-N-Pepa" along with Christopher "Kid" Reid, Christopher "Play" Martin, and Doug E. Fresh.

While The Proud Family was initially in the lead with 54 points, Salt-N-Pepa won the double-score round, taking their score up to 67. The teams were later asked which thing would be annoying if it had a dead battery when using

What? Remote control isn't there, wow. #CelebrityFamilyFeud

The Proud Family gave three correct answers but could not win the round because they could not correctly guess the option 'flashlight,' later guessed by Salt-N-Pepa.

Celebrity Family Feud fans felt that the flashlight was an old answer and were shocked to learn that a response by The Proud Family, 'a remote,' was not on board.

I try to keep my poker face on, but sometimes these answers have me like this 🤣 #CelebrityFamilyFeud @familyfeudabc

Fans were also shocked when Salt-N-Pepa won the final round despite not answering two questions and that The Proud Family had given two answers which were given the most by the audience.

Celebrity Family Feud fans react as team Salt-N-Pepa wins prize money for Feeding America

Tonight on Celebrity Family Feud, fans were shocked to learn the answers to the fast money round, with Adrian Holmes attempting to give one of the answers already given by The Proud Family and the double money round. They felt the team did well on the show.

Those were good answers! #CelebrityFamilyFeud
Some of the answers up there are surprising! #CelebrityFamilyFeud
Flashlight is such an old school answer, 80s-90s hip hop FTW I see you Salt N Pepa and Kid N Play! 🙌 #CelebrityFamilyFeud
Awwwwwwww, I wanted the Prouds to play it... #CelebrityFamilyFeud

Many fans of 90s group Salt-N-Play congratulated the team on their win.

Salt n pepa won $25k. And Keke from the Proud family doesn’t want to play no more. #CelebrityFamilyFeud
Salt-N-Pepa, Kid & Play and Doug E. Fresh won #CelebrityFamilyFeud
Good job, Salt ‘n Pepa! #CelebrityFamilyFeud
Salt N Pepa WITH THE WIN.. Going for the money NEXT! #CelebrityFamilyFeud

What happened on Celebrity Family Feud tonight?

Tonight on Celebrity Family Feud, the cast of The Proud Family competed against teams Salt-N- Pepa, Christopher "Kid" Rei, Christopher "Play" Martin, and Doug E. Fresh to win $25,000 for their chosen charities, Feeding America and A Place Called Home, respectively.

Salt and Kyla competed first, with the question being:

"My woman is a lady in the streets and a _ in the sheets."

The Proud Family won the round after giving many answers correctly, and Salt-N-Pepa missed out on the chance to give one answer when the other side had given three wrong answers.

Salt-N-Pepa won the next round after giving answers to the question:

"What thing did your mom do as a child to you, which would be weird if she did it now?"

In the fast money round, contestants were asked to name a hole in their head, in which country people eat with chopsticks, which beverage people take with their food, and a liquid they put in gas. Team Salt-N-Pepa won the challenge by winning the 71 points they needed.

Later, team Bel Air competed with team Saved by the Bell to win $25,000 for the Lupus Foundation of America and Make-A-Wish Foundation of America, respectively.

The former had Adrian Holmes, Coco Jones, Jordan L. Jones, Cassandra Freeman, and Olly Sholotan. Saved by the Bell had Mario Lopez, Dexter Darden, Haskiri Velazquez, Josie Totah and Alycia Pascual-Peña.

Team Bel Air won the first and second rounds, immediately winning the game. Later in the fast money round, the team claimed their money by answering five questions.

Celebrity Family Feud airs every Sunday on ABC at 8 pm ET.

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