Celebrity Jeopardy! season 1 episode 2: Why did fans find Iliza Shlesinger “annoying?”

Iliza Shlesinger appeared on Celebrity Jeopardy! Season 1 Episode 2
Iliza Shlesinger appeared on Celebrity Jeopardy! season 1 episode 2 (Image via celebrityjeopardyabc/Instagram)

ABC’s Celebrity Jeopardy! aired its second episode on Sunday, October 2, 2022, featuring three stars competing to win big for their respective charities.

The players included two comedians and an American sitcom creator. Fans who have followed Jeopardy for decades found the latest episode frustrating as the players added comedy while playing the game. Fans didn’t appreciate the funny one-liners and remarks from the contestants and wanted the celebrities to play the game seriously.

Viewers found player Iliza Shlesinger to be the most “annoying” celebrity contestant. She was introduced as an actor from Good on Paper and a comedian, playing for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

The other two players were Reggie Watts, an actor, writer, musician, and comedian, playing for Musicares, and Eddie Huang, the creator of the American sitcom Fresh Off the Boat and a restaurateur, playing for the Innocence Project.

The official synopsis of Celebrity Jeopardy! season 1 episode 2 reads:

“Quarterfinal round two of 'Celebrity Jeopardy!' stars comedians Reggie Watts and Iliza Shlesinger as they respectively compete against author and chef Eddie Huang for the chance to move on to the Semifinal round.”

Fans slam Iliza Shlesinger for faking “excitement” on the game show

Jeopardy! is one of the longest-running game shows that has won multiple Emmys over the years. Fans admire the show because of the quiz format and intensity of the competition among the players. The franchise re-launched the celebrity version of the show last week, leaving fans over the moon.

Viewers have slammed Celebrity Jeopardy! season 1 episode 2 for bringing in “annoying” celebrities who faked their excitement on the show. Fans mostly criticized Iliza Shlesinger, who was one of the three players, for speaking too much during the game.

Take a look at fans’ reactions:

Who won Celebrity Jeopardy! season 1 episode 2?

The Celebrity Jeopardy! format is slightly different than the regular show. Unlike Jeopardy!, the celebrity version has an extra round (Triple Jeopardy) and the winner doesn’t appear in the next round but will join the semi-finals. The remaining two players, who lost the game, will be given $30,000, respectively, for their charities.

The winner of Celebrity Jeopardy! season 1 episode 2 was Iliza Shlesinger, who banked $14,401. She will join episode 1 winner Simu Liu in the semi-finals. Although Iliza annoyed fans with her actions in the latest episode, she played the game well. Take a look at her scores in each round:

  • Jeopardy: $2,500
  • Double Jeopardy: $6,600
  • Triple Jeopardy: $13,300
  • Final Jeopardy: $14,401

Iliza was the only player to correctly answer the Final Jeopardy clue. Under the category of “19th Century Literature,” the final clue read:

“William Brodie, an upstanding Scottish tradesman by day & leader of a gang of burglars by night, helped inspire these 2 title characters.”

The solution was “Who are Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde?”

Iliza guessed the answer correctly and won $1,101, while Reggie Watts wrote, “Who? Thelma + Louise,” and Eddie Huang wrote, “Who are the Peaky Bl.” While Reggie lost $2,000 and went home with $2,700, Eddie wagered his entire amount ($7,200) and went home with zero dollars.

Meanwhile, viewers can watch episode 2 of Celebrity Jeopardy! season 1 on the ABC website or check out local listings for reruns. The show airs new episodes every Sunday on ABC at 8.00 pm ET and 7.00 pm CT.

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