Celine heart-shaped handbags: Where to buy, price, and more about the Valentine's Day collection

Celine recently launched heart-shaped handbags for Valentines Day (Image via Celine)
Celine recently launched heart-shaped handbags for Valentines Day (Image via Celine)

Celine recently launched its Valentine's Day collection that comprises handbags and accessories.

The luxury fashion brand is all set to rock Valentine's Day with its premium handbag collection in sizzling red and lovely pink.

Recently, various fashion brands are launching their Valentine's Day collections, like Beyonce's Ivy Park, which released its apparel collection, while Converse released its sneakers with hearts embossed all over.

All about Celine’s heart-shaped handbags, price and more

The price for the collection ranges from $640 to $2,300. Medium Celine Heart in Triomphe canvas and calfskin bag is priced at $1,400. The other bag with the Smooth calfskin costs $1,800.

Those who like fluffy texture can grab a heart-shaped Fluffy Shearling and calfskin bag that is marked at $1,950. Last but not least, the collection's highlight is the Heart Tambour bag which is priced at $2,300.

Those interested can grab their favourites from the limited edition, as they are available for purchase at official Celine's website. These handbags can be a perfect addition to a wardrobe, besides being an ideal gift for a loved one.

To celebrate the special day, colours like rosy pinks, dazzling reds and lively shades of brown are cautiously selected. The limited-edition pieces include a charming range of purses alongside exquisite hair clips and brilliant necklaces that complement the medley of bags.

The medium Celine Heart-shaped bag made from shearling and calfskin is produced with sophistication and, at the same time, is relatively easy to carry.

The bag also consists of a crossbody chain apart from its demure handles. Both festive dresses and casual outfits can go well with the handbag.

The French brand’s Heart Tambour in Triomphe canvas and calfskin resembles a box of chocolates in its deep brown frontage, tawny lining and trunk-like shape.

Teen Triomphe Celine Classic Panier bag is not produced in a heart-like structure, but it is detailed with a tan leather patch drawn into a heart shape and has the brand’s double “C” trademark over it. The bag has the brand name on the inside, written on a leather cutout.

Valentine’s Day collection isn’t stinting on sparkle as the latest collection also embraces gold heart-shaped pendants, cube-like crystal embedded necklaces and cute girlie tortoise hair clips along with handbags. These pieces are also lovingly adorned with the Celine moniker, dotted with a heart above the “i”.

More about Celine

The French ready-to-wear and leather luxury goods brand was founded in 1945. Celine Vipiana was the founder of the fashion house. Since 1996 the label has been owned by the LVMH group. Celine is headquartered in Paris, France.

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