“Chanel Ayan was everything”: RHODubai fans were impressed with blunt and hilarious Chanel Ayan in Bravo show’s premiere

RHODubai fans impressed with Chanel Ayan (Image via chanelayan/Instagram)
RHODubai fans impressed with Chanel Ayan (Image via chanelayan/Instagram)

RHODubai's Chanel Ayan plays with words quite effectively when it comes to expressing herself or putting her point forward. Her blunt and hilarious ways have left fans impressed, and they cannot get enough of her personality.

The show premiered on June 1 on Bravo at 9.00 PM ET and 8.00 PM CT, and it has left fans asking for more. Chanel Ayan and her straightforward nature has definitely played a role in the show's growing popularity.

Chanel Ayan was EVERYTHING.... and I MEAN EVERYTHING! Did you see that strut? Did you hear those multi-lingual moments? She did NOT come to play with these girls! #RHODubai

Fan reactions to RHODubai’s Chanel Ayan

Chanel Ayan impressed viewers of the show with her fun and quirky personality. On the one hand, she spoke her mind when confronting the housewives, and on the other, she showed how delightful and fun she could be when she played with her son while getting ready for a photoshoot. Fans took to Twitter to share their views on Ayan.

Chanel Ayan's entrance was EVERYTHING #RHODubai
Whew😮‍💨 Chanel Ayan is a force! I foresee a reunion first chair in her future #RHODubai
Chanel Ayan is actually really funny 🤣🤣🤣#RHODubai
Listen, #RHODubai did not disappoint where expectation of lavish living conditions, interesting life stories and dramatic personalities are concerned.So on a scale of 1 - 20, I'm giving the premiere episode a total of 40 and it's surely Chanel Ayan, that stole the show.
Chanel Ayan into was ther moment! True Housewives moment #4Languages #RHODubai
Chanel Ayan is one of the best and prettiest housewives ever. #rhodubai
Chanel Ayan has my heart ❤️❤️😍 #RHODubai
Rewatching #RHODubai because it’s that good and Chanel Ayan understands the assignment!!! Dubai is such an amazing addition to the Real Housewives franchise!
Chanel Ayan is hilarious. Just because you're a model it doesnt mean you're pretty😂😂 you're just tall, skinny and can walk #RHODubai
There can only be one. The undisputed Goddess of Bravo. Miss Chanel Ayan #RHODubai

Recap of RHODubai Episode 1

The premiere of the show started with a lot of drama, especially after Ayan found out that she was not invited to Caroline Stanbury’s engagement party. It led to a fight during Nina Ali's rooftop dinner.

When asked about Caroline Stanbury and Sergio Carrallo's relationship, Ayan and Lesa Milan had quite different reactions. While the latter chose not to comment, the former did not shy away from opening up and said in a confessional:

“I feel like Sergio and Stanbury – I don’t think they have any sexual existence. I see it more like wannabe, made-up chemistry over sexual energies on their Instagram pages is a collaboration relationship.”

Ayan even implied that their marriage was a "contract wedding,” which left Lesa Milan gasping.

She made the comment after discovering that her pal Lesa Milan will not accompany her on their planned trip to Hermès, choosing to stay back and attend Stanbury’s party instead. Ayan wasn’t invited to that party.

After getting legally married to her husband Sergio Carrallo, Caroline Stanbury threw an engagement party for her close friends and family. She invited all her friends except for Ayan, who she feels is only an “acquaintance”.

The revelation did not go well with Ayan. She was even taken aback when her fellow castmate Caroline Brooks joked on the phone that Caroline Stanbury only invited people who are “important” to her.

At a rooftop dinner hosted by Nina Ali, when everyone was talking about the good times they had together at Caroline Stanbury’s party, Ayan interrupted the conversation asking them not to talk about things that she was not part of, shocking the other housewives.

She then confronted Caroline Brooks and asked why the latter thought that Ayan was not as important as everyone else. However, Caroline Brooks denied the accusation, saying that she had just been joking and that Caroline Stanbury never said such a thing. However, Caroline Stanbury did not hesitate to reveal the truth which was that she does not like Chanel, and felt that she wasn’t “important” enough to invite. The episode ended with a verbal confrontation between the two women.

Whether Ayan will continue to impress fans will be revealed in the upcoming episode of RHODubai airing on June 8 on the network.

About RHODubai

Season 1 of the show showcases the ultra-wealthy lifestyle of a group of women in the United Arab Emirates. RHODubai features a group of six successful and wealthy women including Chanel Ayan, Nina Ali, Sarah Al Madani, Caroline Brooks, Caroline Stanbury, and Lesa Milan, dealing with their careers, relationships and friendships. The show promises a lot of drama and heated confrontations.

The Bravo show can also be viewed on the network’s website after its channel premiere or on live streaming services including Fubo TV, Sling, Philo, YouTube TV, and DirecTV Stream.

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