“Charter guests from hell”: Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans slam Erica and Chuck Rose for leaving only $6500 tip

Below Deck Sailing Yacht charter guests Charles "Chuck" Sanders and Erica Rose (Image via ericatherose/Instagram)
Below Deck Sailing Yacht charter guests Charles "Chuck" Sanders and Erica Rose (Image via ericatherose/Instagram)

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 featured demanding charter guests in episode 4, which aired on Monday. Erica Rose and Charles "Chuck" Sanders drew the ire of staff and viewers alike after leaving a tip of $6500 for the entire crew of Parsifal III.

The tip amount was apparently the lowest in Below Deck history. The Bachelor alum Rose (Season 9) appeared as a primary guest on the same yacht last season. At that time too, she left the crew annoyed, especially Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher.

In the latest episode, the guest couple left a $6500 tip after criticizing chef Marcos Spaziani’s food. Chuck complained that McDonald’s tasted better than the chef’s preparation. To note, Spaziani prepared an entire feast in spite of a head injury.

What do fans have to say about the charter guests?

Viewers slammed the guests for leaving a petty tip despite staining the yacht’s sofa and mistreating crew members. When the crew split the amount amongst them, each member received only $750.

They were extremely heartbroken and disappointed to see their efforts were not worth a good tip. However, Captain Glenn Shephard encouraged his team and congratulated them for doing a phenomenal job. He further said that the tip was not a reflection of their hard work, but of the guests’ nature.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans too share similar views. Take a look at their reactions:

WHAAAAAT???$6500 for the tip..AND stained the couch??😳DEF charter guests from HELL..🤭#belowdecksailing #BelowDeckSailingYacht #BelowDeck
I'm sorry but $6,500 tip??? Is that even legal? I can't think of anything under $12,000 in any of the past charters. #BelowDeck #BelowDeckSailingYacht #bravotv
I can’t recall a tip this low throughout all seasons. What a disgusting insult #BelowDeckSailingYacht #BelowDeck #BelowDeckSailing
That tip was BOGUS!! WTF!! Charles and Erica……there’s a few choice words I could say to describe them @BravoWWHL @BelowDeck @BelowDeckSailng #BDSY #BelowDeckSailingYacht #BelowDeck #BelowDeckSailing @daisykelliher87 you all did amazing
6000 tip? Never charter a boat again you sacks of trash. #BelowDeckSailingYacht #belowdecksailing #BelowDeck #bravotv
@EricaTheRoseEsq What horrible people u are! And then that cheap-ass tip. You should be ashamed- but looks like u lack the class to realize that. #worstcharterguestsever #BelowDeck
$6,500 is the all-time lowest tip I remember seeing in the #BelowDeck franchise. Low-class no-class guests need to find Nemo the next time they attempt a charter. #belowdecksailing
Trash tip, trash guests. #belowdecksailingyacht #belowdeck #belowdecksailing
Who tf charters a yacht and only tips $6,500 ?!?! If you can’t afford to tip, of pay for damages, don’t charter 🙄 #EricaRose #NoClass #BelowDeckSailing #BelowDeckSailingYacht #BelowDeck
This has to be the worst tip in the history of #BelowDeck. Unreal after this crew busted their butts for these guests. #belowdecksailing

Erica Rose opens up about her Below Deck Sailing Yacht experience

In Below Deck Sailing Yacht episode 4, Erica Rose returned to Parsifal III with her mother Cindi. She was also accompanied by her husband Chuck, two friends and another couple.

While Captain Shephard and first mate Gary King were delighted to welcome the guests, Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher warned the charter group of her past experiences with the Rose family. She called them:

“Disrespectful, exhausting, emotionally draining, unpredictable.”

Rose opened up about the episode with Distractify and attempted to explain the situation to disappointed Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans.

Addressing her experience on the yacht, the reality TV star said:

“I really did not come in with a dramatic intention.”

She added:

"People are kind of blaming me for it. To me, that's a little unfair, because you can only control your own actions. Of course, I can never control my mom, and I can't control my husband either. And this was his first time on reality TV.”

She further said that the crew members were also reality TV stars, thus, they also fed off the drama. Rose was surprised with Kelliher’s reaction who called Chuck “uncultured, unmannered.”

Meanwhile, Below Deck Sailing Yacht will air a new episode next Monday on Bravo on March 21at 8.00 pm ET.

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