Chase Hudson allegations explained, as TikToker alleges she was "used" and "betrayed" by him

A TikToker has accused Chase Hudson of allegedly taking advantage of her ( Image via Instagram)
A TikToker has accused Chase Hudson of allegedly taking advantage of her ( Image via Instagram)

Cole Chase Hudson, aka LilHuddy, recently found himself embroiled in a major social media storm after a TikToker accused him of indulging in inappropriate behavior with her, a result of which she felt "used" and "betrayed".

The 18-year old TikTok star turned musician is one of the most notable names in the TikTok industry, having been instrumental in creating the Hype House content stable.

Chase Hudson recently found himself trending on social media for all the wrong reasons, after a TikToker spoke out against his alleged behavior in a clip that has now gone viral:

In the clip above, a TikTok user by the name of zigwad proceeded to recount her alleged experience with Chase Hudson, which reportedly took place back in June 2019, during the "Lights Out" social media tour.

She claimed that she and Chase Hudson were both friends prior to their meet-up. When she finally met up with him and the rest of his friends, she revealed:

"I was just hanging with him , and the boys and then he went to his room and he was in there for a while so I thought he wasn't okay and so I went to check on him. And he did some stuff then that I wasn't okay with . It's just the power dynamic honestly. Someone who has status against me "

In light of her recent revelations, Twitter users soon began to weigh in on the Chase Hudson allegations.

Twitter calls out Chase Hudson in light of recent allegations

In her clip, the TikToker also revealed that while she tried to ignore what she was feeling in the aftermath of her alleged experience with Chase Hudson, he soon proceeded to block her right after.

Speaking about how she felt upon being blocked by him, she stated:

"I just felt and still feel super betrayed and used because we were actually pretty good friends before and we were talking a whole bunch before this happened and then he did something to me , he got what he wanted and then he blocked me. "

She also claimed that she was not sure why he blocked her, as she assumed that maybe he just felt guilty about the whole alleged encounter.

In a follow-up video, she also stated that while it wasn't Chase Hudson's fault for not knowing what effect their alleged encounter had upon her, it was most certainly his fault for faking their friendship:

"It is his fault for faking , or what seemed to be faking being my friend just to take advantage of me and then block me on everything afterwards . To this day it's affected me in the way that I have a lot of trouble trusting people now "

She ended her video by once again highlighting the power dynamic factor which she claims was misused, as she stated that her video was more of a "truth" video, rather than a "hate" video.

In light of the allegations surfacing online, Twitter users proceeded to slam Chase Hudson and the TikTok industry in general:

With more and more influencers such as Chase Hudson being exposed for allegedly taking advantage of fans, the internet can't help but view most of them through a lens of skepticism nowadays.

As this story develops, it remains to be seen what course the recent set of allegations against Chase Hudson will end up taking in light of mounting dissent.

Edited by Gautham Balaji
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