'Chicago P.D.' Season 9 Episode 10: What does Makayla's return mean?

Burgess and Ruzek in 'Chicago P.D.' (Image via NBC)
Burgess and Ruzek in 'Chicago P.D.' (Image via NBC)

Two major plotlines dominate the latest episode of Chicago P.D. The show, which returned after a two-month break, had its foot on two boats in the 10th episode of season 9.

One dealt with a case of a missing child. The other took on the impact of Makayla's (Ramona Edith Williams) impact on the relationship between Ruzek (Patrick John) and Burgess (Marina Squerciati).

The highly-complex case made for an excellent thrill-ride in this new episode of Chicago P.D. Read on to find out a detailed recap of the latest episode.

A deep dive into Chicago P.D.'s latest episode

Tensions over Makayla's return

Makayla's return marks some tension between Ruzek and Burgess as he is her legal guardian. However, when he goes to school to collect her, he doesn't get allowed inside as Burgess has forgotten to add him to the list.

This deeply upsets him as he does not feel like a part of her life. However, she assures him that he is an integral part, and in the end Ruzek asks Makayla to permanently move in with them.

they’re sick for giving us such a sweet scene before that ending #ChicagoPD #Burzek

The ending is not a fairytale one as Makayla reveals that someone came to talk to her at school. As they track him down, they realize that he is a relative of Makayla, who plans to file for full custody of her. The show ends at this cliffhanger.

The case of the missing child

The previous episode of Chicago P.D. wrapped up with the long-standing case of Walton's murder.

This one returns with a complicated case of a child who has gone missing. The distraught mother calls on the services of Chicago P.D. The team starts by investigating registered sex offenders in the area, and one of the neighbors reveals that the parents fight a lot.

Apart from this, the Chicago P.D. team hardly finds any useful information, however they get a hint about one of the offenders that they interview, Charles Kalzenski. As the team forces its way into his house, everyone sees that he had painted a picture of Brianna, the missing girl. He immediately becomes a key suspect and they apprehend him.

After a hard interrogation in which he still does not reveal anything, the team led by Ruzek begins to think that he may not be involved after all. In one of the twists of Chicago P.D.'s latest episode, they find footage of Brianna being abducted by another man.

After Ruzek takes time to talk to Kalzenski again, the latter reveals that he is familiar with the decal on the kidnapper's car. This leads the Chicago P.D. team to the man who had spoken about Brianna's parents' fights. He tries to make a run but gets taken down immediately.

For further updates on the Chicago series, stay tuned. The next episode (11th) of the show will air at 10 PM ET on Wednesday, January 12, 2022, on the NBC channel.

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