2021's surprise winner 'Work Later, Drink Now' all set to return for Season 2

The web drama can be watched on TVING (Image via TVING)
The web drama can be watched on TVING (Image via TVING)
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Fans of TVING’s original series, Work Later, Drink Now, can rejoice as the show is rumored to be set for a second season.

The show, which is based on a webtoon by Mik Kkang titled Sooldo Girl, has been termed 2021’s dark horse. Work Later, Drink Now, directed about Kim Jung Shik, revolves around the life of three women whose life philosophy pivots around having a drink after getting off of work.

The K-Drama stars Lee Sun Bin, who brings her characteristic charm as television scriptwriter Ahn So Hee. Along with her are Han Sunhwa, who plays yoga instructor Han Ji Yeon, and Jung Eun Ji, who takes on the mantle of quirky origami YouTuber Kang Ji Goo. Super Junior's Choi Siwon adds his charismatic presence to the show as Kang Book Goo, a variety show producing director (PD).

Season One of Work Later, Drink Now will end on Novmeber 26

The web drama’s relatable slice of life plot has appealed to its viewers, and the news of an impending season 2 being the cherry on top as Work Later, Drink Now nears the end of season one.

Issues shown on "Work Later, Drink Now":- LGBT- Discrimination- Abuse- Isolation - Suicide- Dealing with suicide loss

Since the drama’s premiere on October 22, the number of people who have subscribed to TVING, just to watch Work Later, Drink Now, has increased more than four times. Even the highlight video released on YouTube saw a record 1.3 million views.

Even before the show ran its course, requests for a season two began pouring in from the viewers. In light of the demand, the production company, Bone Factory, revealed that discussions about the show’s return have already begun.

TVING's Work Later, Drink Now has confirmed it's production for Season 2 of the drama!On October 23, The production team decided to make season 2 and start to prepare for it and the main casts Lee Sunbin, Han Sunhwa and Jeong Eunji are reportedly discussing it positively!

On November 23, an official from Work Later, Drink Now told E-Daily,

"We are positively discussing the production of Season 2 of 'Work Later, Drink Now' with the production company, but it has not been confirmed yet.

Industry insiders also revealed that the show’s production team has already discussed a return with the show's cast. They stated that Lee Sun Bin, Han Sun Hwa, and Jung Eun Ji had been offered to return for the second season, which they have accepted and are enthusiastic about. The production team is reportedly about to start preparing to film season 2 of Work Later, Drink Now.

The final episode of the 13-episode show will air on November 26.

Kim Seung Soo, a pop culture critic, has said that the main characters of “Work Later, Drink Now” are women in their 30s who did their best to survive & collide with the world. They are not putting men or family at the center of the narrative, +#정은지 #술꾼도시여자들

Meanwhile, the show’s cast is earning accolades for their realistic acting. A short clip for the November 5 episode of Work Later, Drink Now has been circulating on the internet, and netizens are left speechless, praising both Han Sunhwa and Jung Eun Ji for portraying a vicious fight between two best friends in a realistic manner.

넌 원래 개씨발미친년이야

Many were blown away by Eunji's deft cursing, and Sunhwa was praised for portraying a character who isn't known for cursing or dealing with conflict.

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