Will there be a My Name Season 2? Han So Hee and director share their views

Will Han So Here's gritty crime drama have a sequel? (Image via Instagram/@xeesoxee)
Will Han So Here's gritty crime drama have a sequel? (Image via Instagram/@xeesoxee)

My Name’s fast-paced storyline may have left the audience gasping for a second season. But will they get one? Actor Han So Hee and director Kim Jin Min share their two cents.

Netflix’s My Name has joined Squid Game as a global success. The gritty crime thriller, starring Han So Hee in a never-seen-before role, has impressed viewers around the world with its realistic action sequences and mind-blowing chemistry between the cast.

Han So Hee discards the damsel in distress act as Nevertheless’s Nabi to take on the mantle of Jiwoo, a woman wronged by the world. Jiwoo embarks on a path of vengeance for her father, joining the police as an undercover agent for a crime boss, who promises her revenge.

Han So Hee stars alongside Yumi’s Cells’ Ahn Bo Hyun and Hee Soon Park, both of whom share electrifying chemistry with the World of the Married actor, both in conversation and in bloody fistfights.


Han So Hee and Kim Jin Min discuss My Name Season 2

Unlike Squid Game, My Name leaves no loose ends, tying up all strings in a neat bow. With no mysteries from Season 1 left to unravel, and the fates of Detective Jeon Pil Do and Gang leader Choi Mu Jin more or less confirmed, a season 2, if there is one, would have to look beyond the current set of characters, incorporating new ones.

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Several fans of My Name though, have been begging for another season, despite the lack of loose ends, for another glimpse of Han So Hee badass persona, Jiwoo.

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I couldn’t get through nevertheless but thank god for my name because Han So Hee ATE in this drama
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In an interview with Sports Chosun, My Name’s director Kim Jin Min was asked about the possibility of another season for the crime show. The Extracurricular director, though, did not seem very sure, saying:

“If there’s a season 2, the writers need to prepare and figure out how to solve Han So-Hee’s character. It will be up to those who will make the second season, it might not be me. I joined the series as a director without any plans for a second season. It’s up to writer Kim Ba-Da who wrote the series and Netflix to work together. For now, this is it for me.”

Kim Jin Min also elaborated on the pressure he was under while making the hit show, especially after Squid Game’s massive success.

“It would be a lie if I said that I didn’t feel any pressure. I made “D.P.” well so I got the feeling of ‘It’s very different [from D.P.]. It was a burden that “Squid Game” became a worldwide hit, but on the other hand, I was very grateful that a Korean content was recognized in the world. … There was a feeling that big road was opened for Korean content.”

The star of the moment Han So Hee shared her thoughts on the show, which has been a game-changer in the revenge drama genre. The actor revealed that she took My Name to push her limits.

Just finished My Name I absolutely loved it Literally my type drama And action scenes were *chef's kiss I literally have no complaints I agree that it was predictable but still that was fine cause the execution was really really good Han so hee was on fire#MyName
Omg just finishing my name on Netflix what an amazing kdrama. One of the best action kdramas of 2021 gutted that jeon pildo died tho 😭😭such good acting from Han so hee compared to nevertheless 10/10 kdrama. #mynamenetflix #MyNameEp8 #HanSoHee #AhnBoHyun
“I’m someone who is doing this thing called ‘acting, but I felt like I was always bumping up against my limits. After hitting my limits for so long, I felt that I wasn’t satisfied with myself. I overcame that by trying something completely new and showing a completely different side of myself. This was a step for me to take on a new challenge and experiment with my limits. It was like a mission that I’d set for myself.”

When asked about a Season 2 for the show though, Han So Hee did not appear too eager, laughing it off. The uber-talented actor claimed that her Jiwoo will have to use superpowers next season, after showing off her fighting skills in this one.

"I think I'll die if I do season 2, I found out that my father was a police officer, so I dared to think that it would be a story of building something with Cha Ki-ho's character. I feel like I have to use my superpowers to figure out what to show when I do 2.”

While there is no confirmation for a Season 2 yet, My Name's massive success might act as inspiration for the cast and the actors to provide fans with more much-needed bloodied and bloodying Han So Hee content.

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