Claim to Fame season 2 release date, air time, and plot on ABC

Claim to Fame returns to ABC with season 2
Claim to Fame returns to ABC with season 2 (Image via ABC/@John Fleenor)

Claim to Fame is all set to return with another season soon. The upcoming installment, which marks the second season of the show, will follow the same format as before. Relatives of famous people will cohabitate in order to discover each other’s real identities and ensure that theirs remains a secret.

According to ABC, the upcoming season has a lot in store:

"They will compete in challenges, form strategic partnerships and play DNA detective in hopes of avoiding elimination, winning the coveted $100,000 prize and step out of their famous family member’s shadow by staking their own “Claim to Fame.” Season two will be double the fun, with super-sized competition, drama and more!"

Tune in on Monday, June 26, at 8 pm ET to watch the season premiere of Claim to Fame season 2

“It got crazy”: Claim to Fame hosts Kevin and Franklin Jonas open up about season 2


Claim to Fame season 2 will feature a new set of celebrity relatives who have spent their lives away from the spotlight. During the show, they will compete in several challenges in order to ensure that their identity and the identity of their celebrity relative remain undisclosed. Along with this, they must strategize, lie, and deceive each other to ensure that they’re the last ones standing.

Each week, contestants will compete in a series of challenges that will determine who will be safe from being identified or will be at risk of being eliminated. Those who find themselves in the bottom will invariably be at risk. The rest of the contestants, meanwhile, will decide who the guesser of the week will be. As a guesser, the contestant will choose another participant and try to guess their famous relative. The winner will take home a grand prize of $100,000.

If the guess is correct, the person whose identity they reveal will end up being eliminated. However, if they’re wrong, their own identity will be revealed, and they will be sent home.

Ahead of the season premiere of season 2, hosts Kevin and Franklin opened up about the show while in conversation with Entertainment Tonight, offering some clues about the same. They shared that one person in the show is related to an “Oscar winner” who “loves volleyballs, “and at one point in his life, he was the captain.” This celebrity was among the first celebrities "to announce that they had Covid."

Eventually revealing the identity of the celebrity, Kevin shared that it was Tom Hanks:

"It’s absurd. When it happens, you will be pleasantly surprised how crazy it gets. It truly is one of the best reveals of the entire season."

Kevin further added that filming Claim to Fame season 2 was a lot of fun and stated that the upcoming season is “bigger and better than ever.” He shared that the contestants are very excited to be there, and they came prepared with a strategy. Franklin added:

"It got crazy. Everyone knew exactly what they were coming in with, and you know, the bigger your strategy, the bigger your lies, the harder you fall – and we got some crazy drama this season."

Franklin further added that season 1 was a new experience for him and that he trusted Kevin to guide and mentor him through being a host. In Claim to Fame season 2, however, he said that the two got to “let loose” more and experience the “wild things.”

Tune in on Monday, June 26, at 8 pm ET to watch the season premiere of Claim to Fame season 2

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