Crash Course in Romance episode 13 preview: Is Nam Hae-e the serial killer’s next target?

Nam Hae-e might be in danger in Crash Course in Romance
Nam Hae-e might be in danger in Crash Course in Romance's episode 13 (Images via YouTube/tvN drama)

Crash Course in Romance will take a drastic turn from a feel-good romantic comedy to a serious thriller in the upcoming episode. The series revolves around Choi Chi-yeol (Jung Kyung-ho), a popular math teacher at a private institution, and Nam Haeng-seon (Jeon Do-yeon), who runs a banchan (side dish) shop.

In episode 13, the series will deal more with the intentions of a serial killer, confrontations between Haeng-seon, Chi-yeol, and Dong-hui, the aftermath of leaked exam papers by Lee Sun-jae's mother, and Nam Hae-e being in potential danger.

Crash Course in Romance episode 13 preview hints at Nam Hae-e being in danger


Crash Course in Romance fans have their minds full of the possible dangers their favorite characters might be in in the upcoming episode. It has taken an especially drastic turn after revealing Ji Dong-hui’s true identity as the serial killer in episode 12. Nam Hae-e, Nam Haeng-seon’s daughter, could be in danger in the upcoming episode.

Episode 13’s preview showcases Haeng-seon and Choi Chi-yeol confronting Ji Dong-hui for his rough behavior. During that time, Lee Sun-jae’s mother also threatens Hae-e about exposing their secrets, as it could lead to many lives being destroyed. A distraught Hae-e is then seen walking alone at night and turning back, as if in reaction to a sound.

Hae-e's phone is also unreachable, as established by Chi-yeol, Young-joo, and Jae-woo, who are hurdled around a worried Haeng-seon trying to call Hae-e, but to no avail. It then seems clear that the serial killer has changed his target from mother to daughter.

Furthermore, the teaser shows Hae-e and Sun-jae's mother having a private conversation in which the latter attempts to bury the secret of leaked exam papers. If the secret comes out, Hae-e and Sun-jae may face punishments and end up missing a crucial year in college.

Dong-hui also seems to have moved on from targeting Haeng-seon. However, it is possible that he has decided to go for the next person who Haeng-seon loves the most—Hae-e, her niece/daughter. If he does, then it will be poetic justice in his eyes, as for him, Haeng-seon has stolen his beloved person, Chi-yeol.

Fans react to the Crash Course in Romance episode 13 preview

Fans notably had varied reactions to the episode 13 preview, but the majority of them were concerned for Nam Hae-e. Among the many characters, Hae-e’s character arc will be developed the most in the upcoming episode of Crash Course in Romance as she has multiple things to take care of.

As one fan pointed out, the episode 13 preview already has many “scared." This is also because Haeng-seon will finally confront Dong-hui about his cold reactions toward her. Unlike before, the latter will retaliate by showing his true colors.

What happened to Nam Haeng-seon and Ji Dong-hui in episode 12?

Episode 12 saw Chi-yeol and Haeng-seon's first fight over Dong-hui. While Haeng-seon had her doubts about Dong-hui behaving coldly towards her, Chi-yeol was blinded by his faith in him.

Dong-hui's intentions towards Haeng-seon also became clear as he tried his best to keep Chi-yeol away from her by deleting messages and preponing schedules. Dong-hui also tried throwing Haeng-seon off the yacht when Chi-yeol wasn't watching. Towards the end, it was revealed that Dong-hui was indeed the serial killer and was aiming to kill Haeng-seon.

Crash Course in Romance only has four more episodes left before it ends, but it has already proven to be a successful run. The series releases new episodes every week on Saturday and Sunday. Episode 13 will be available on February 25, 2023. The first 12 episodes are currently streaming on Netflix.

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