Dangerous Liaisons 2022 cast list: Paola Locatelli, Simon Rérolle, and others to star in Netflix's french film

The cast of Netflix's Dangerous Liaisons (Image via Netflix)
The cast of Netflix's Dangerous Liaisons (Image via Netflix)

A bet gone wrong, Netflix's upcoming romcom, Dangerous Liaisons, is all set to give you Cruel Intentions nostalgia but with a fresh take.

Directed by Rachel Suissa, the film revolves around Book smart Célène as she falls for bad boy Tristan at her new Biarritz High School. She does not know that she's part of a cruel bet he's made with social media queen Vanessa.

The film is written by Rachel Suissa and Slimane Baptist-Berhoun, along with Eleonore Dailly and Edouard De Lachomette as producers. While Giovanni Fiore Coltellacci does the cinematography for Dangerous Liaisons.

Dangerous Liaisons: Trailer, synopsis, and ensemble cast


Netflix's upcoming romcom, Dangerous Liaisons, is set to premiere on Friday, July 8 at 12:00 AM PT/3:00 AM ET. The official trailer for the film was released in May and featured Celene at her new elitist school, where she gets stuck into a dangerous twisted bet between Tristan and Vanessa.

The synopsis for the film reads:

"Célène, at 17, is idealistic. She believes in absolute love, and is more interested in reading than in social networks. She is getting ready for living apart from her fiancé, Pierre, for a while, leaving Paris for Biarritz. Very quickly, she has to face the evil elite of her new school, ruled over by the former big-screen star and Instagram queen Vanessa and the celebrity surfer Tristan, who’s both dangerous and seductive. Célène falls in love with him, but is a long way from suspecting that she is at the centre of a cruel bet between Tristan and Vanessa. Just how far will they go?"

This film is a similar adaptation of the '90s classic Cruel Intentions starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ryan Phillippe, Reese Witherspoon, and Selma Blair, which was also an adaptation of Choderlos de Laclos’s Les Liaisons dangereuses. The book also had a theatrical adaptation in the 1985 play by Christopher Hampton.

The following is a look at the stunning cast of the upcoming Netflix film.

Paola Locatelli as Célène

French model, influencer, and entrepreneur Paola Locatelli are also known as Paola Lct. Her upcoming projects include Chair Tendre and Netflix's Dangerous Liaisons.

She will be portraying the lead character of Célène, a new student at the elite school.

Simon Rérolle as Tristan

Simon Rérolle is a French actor best known for Research Unit, À propos de nou, and his upcoming Netflix film.

In the upcoming Netflix film, he will be portraying the celebrity surfer and Célène's crush, Tristan.

Ella Pellegrini as Vanessa

French actress Ella Pellegrini is best known for her work in L’école de la vie, Lettres en ton nom, and her upcoming film with Netflix.

She will be portraying the role of an influencer, Vanessa, in Dangerous Liaisons.

Aymeric Fougeron as Pierre

Aymeric Fougeron is a French actor known for his upcoming projects like What Pauline Is Not Telling You and Clèves.

In the Netflix film, he will be portraying Célène's fiancé, Pierre.

Other cast members of the Netflix film include Alexis Michalik as Christophe, Camille Léon-Fucien as Naya, Oscar Lesage as Oscar, Jin Xuan Mao as Tao, Tristan Zanchi as Ben, Julien Lopez as Julius, Héloïse Janjaud as Charlotte and Elsa Duchez as Ariel.

Stream Dangerous Liaisons on Netflix from Friday, July 8.

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