David Letterman’s My Next Guest Needs No Introduction season 4: What did Will Smith say about past trauma?

Will Smith makes an appearance on David Letterman's My Next Guest Needs No Introduction on Netflix (Image via @Letterman/Twitter, @letterman/Instagram)
Will Smith makes an appearance on David Letterman's My Next Guest Needs No Introduction on Netflix (Image via @Letterman/Twitter, @letterman/Instagram)

Season 4 of David Letterman's popular talk show, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, recently hit Netflix and features six A-listers in six episodes. Given how fans have been responding to Season 4, it may be safe to say that the show is currently the talk of the town.

I know zero about basketball. Less than zero, maybe. I’m now a mega @KDTrey5 fan after watching his interview on #MyNextGuest. Honestly. I’m a 46yo mom of three and seriously dig this guy. I want to buy gear and see him play.
Will is one hell of an introspective human,intensely so #MyNextGuest
I love how happy and at peace Billie seems on #MyNextGuest. I watched an interview with her years ago and she seemed so down. I just love when people work through things, overcome shit and win at life. 🙌🏽

Billie Eilish, Will Smith, Cardi B, Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Durant, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus were the six stars that sat in the hot seat right across host Letterman, talking about lifestyle and sharing their stories.

The American celebrity talk show first debuted on January 12, 2018 on Netflix. Each episode featured a one-on-one conversation with a guest both in and out of the studio setting. Letterman's show — particularly the structure, his hosting, choice of guests, and enlightening conversations — has won accolades from critics overall.

Will Smith makes an appearance on My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman Season 4

Among other stars, King Richard actor and Academy Award recipient Will Smith also made a guest appearance in Season 4 of My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman.

However, right before the episode begins, the disclaimer states that,

"This episode was recorded prior to the 2022 Academy Awards ceremony."
@Letterman @netflix I'm sure the Will Smith interview is going to be a hit!
Wait, was it Jada who interrupted the talk and shouted out to Will to pull his jacket during David Letterman show on netflix????😨 #MyNextGuest

Smith's interview has undoubtedly become the jewel in the crown, taking into consideration his altercation with presenter/comedian Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars moments before winning his first ever Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role for King Richard.

VIA JAPANESE TELEVISION: The uncensored exchange between Will Smith and Chris Rock

Smith took offense to Rock's joke about Jada Pinkett Smith's shaved head, leading to a dramatic on-stage altercation and a string of online memes. While many supported the actor for defending his wife in front of the world, others criticized his unacceptable behavior. The actor faced massive backlash with an official 10-year-long ban notice from The Academy.

Nonetheless, Smith took to his official Instagram to issue a public apology after the incident.

Those expecting comments from Smith about his controversial actions at the Oscars this year must note that the interview with Letterman was recorded prior to the Oscars incident. Thus, there is no mention of the incident throughout his appearance on the show.

Will Smith talks about past trauma on Letterman's My Next Guest Needs No Introduction Season 4

Will Smith's interview with Letterman on My Next Guest consisted of nothing remotely controversial. That said, he did mention his past traumas and insecurities, with most of them circling around his father, Willard Carroll Smith (I).

Recalling his childhood days, the 53-year-old actor spoke about his father's abusive behavior, specifically mentioning domestic violence as the latter would beat up his mom. Getting emotional while talking about his autobiographical book titled Will, Smith revealed that his father's actions caused him to feel like a coward, leaving a traumatic impression on his life.

Despite this, not once did Smith fail to mention his father's strengths along with the imperfections. And when he spoke on his role as King Richard in the blockbuster smash, Academy Award-winning movie, the star said,

"King Richard was like I was reintroducing myself back to working more consistently. My experiences, and my life, and the writing of this book have unlocked a part of me as an actor, that is like nothing I've ever experienced."

Comparing Richard Williams' life to that of his father's, he added,

"Having to look at my life and to understand my father helped me to understand Richard Williams. Post-World War II, African-American male with a dream and no support. My father was that guy."

In a fascinating turn of events, the actor revealed his full name as Willard Carroll Smith (II). He did the same for his son, Jaden Smith's name: Willard Carroll Smith (III). Both names are based on his father's name.

He also confessed to accepting comedy as his life's savior and clinging on to the idea of his ability to make people laugh either via his rap music or acting skills.

Season 4 of Netflix's hit talk show, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman, is now available to stream on the platform.

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