“Divorce feels good”: Married at First Sight couple Steve Moy and Noi Phommasak announce their split on Instagram

Married at First Sight couple Steve Moy and Noi Phommasak (Image via @therealstevemoy/Instagram)
Married at First Sight couple Steve Moy and Noi Phommasak (Image via @therealstevemoy/Instagram)

It’s an end for Married at First Sight couple Steve Moy and Noi Phommasak's relationship. On July 10, the couple announced their split on Instagram, a month after getting married on season 14 of Lifetime’s dating show.

Noi Phommasak informed her fans about the split in a three-word post, “Divorce feels good,” while her ex-husband Steve Moy posted a lengthy message telling fans about the break-up and how he is dealing with it.

What happened between Married at First Sight couple Steve Moy and Noi Phommasak?

Steve Moy and Noi Phommasak have decided to divorce after a month of getting hitched on Married at First Sight season 14, where, according to Steve, he had said yes knowing that their “relationship was far from perfect.”

However, despite their efforts to “build a healthy, functioning relationship” the software developer realized that they “are incompatible in ways that attempts at compromise can’t seem to fix or overcome.”

Steve posted a lengthy message on Instagram informing fans about the split, but the message did not go well with his estranged wife, who issued a statement thereafter, saying that she had asked Steve to stay but he was the one who asked for a divorce.

In a since-deleted comment captured by Monsters and Critics, Laos native Noi said:

"You asked for the divorce … I BEGGED you to stay and you said – you don’t OWE me anything.”

Noi further added that Steve never checked on her dog Sushi even after knowing that he is dying of cancer after all the necessary treatments stopped working. She wrote:

“During this time you knew I was vulnerable and my heart was breaking outside of this and this is when you said we should divorce. You are not heartbroken, so stop acting like this for everyone else. You made this choice before involving me in the final decision and you said I was not allowed to talk about it, even though you said you were already seeing other people.”

Noi made the announcement through her post and continued to share glimpses of her beach vacay via her Instagram story, with many of them set to breakup songs like Take back your narrative (even when your voice shakes), Kanye West‘s Hurricane, and Love Song by Maren Morris.

The reality star however ended on an optimistic note with Camila Cabello‘s Bam Bam (featuring Ed Sheeran).

Exploring the former couple’s journey on Married at First Sight

Steve Moy and Noi Phommasak were among the few pairs who stayed together even after Married at First Sight ended. Even on the show, viewers got a glimpse of their rocky relationship. They had to deal with various issues including Steve’s employment and Noi’s hesitation to move in with her partner, but managed to stick together through it all.

During the Season 14 reunion in May, Steve and Noi revealed they were still together, but the latter explained that she was not confident about taking her husband’s last name. She said:

“I haven’t decided whether or not I’m going to take Steve’s last name. I still rep Team Moy, it’s just not official yet.”

Despite all the ups and downs, the couple got married in the hope that their relationship would work, but now the pair seem to have parted ways for good.

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