"Do not go back": Fans believe that Shereé Whitfield shouldn't give Tyrone another chance in RHOA Episode 6

Shereé Whitfield is having trouble with her relationship (Image via shereewhitfield/Instagram)
Shereé Whitfield is having trouble with her relationship (Image via shereewhitfield/Instagram)

RHOA Season 14 returned for an all-new action-packed episode on Sunday night. Titled Don't be Sea Salty, the episode continued the drama between Shereé and Tyrone. Shereé considered giving Tyrone another chance, but fans insisted that she move on.

Last week, Shereé drove down to Philadelphia to meet up with Tyrone. However, he stood her up, and she returned home heartbroken. In Episode 6 of RHOA, Shereé shared that Tyrone called her, but he didn't apologize for not coming to meet her. Shereé revealed that she hasn't been picking up his calls or responding to his texts since.

However, the RHOA star recently opened up about how she has been having second thoughts. Shereé shared that she was wondering if she should give Tyrone a second chance. She stated that they had been together for a long time and was hesitant to throw it all away.

Fans who watched the episode took to social media and insisted that Tyrone didn't deserve any more chances.

Fans claim Tyrone didn't deserve a second chance on RHOA

Taking to Twitter, fans shared that it was time for Shereé to move on. Some also added that she deserved better, and they strongly believed that she shouldn't think about giving Tyrone a second chance.

Sheree, let Tyrone go baby. He’s trash. #RHOA
Sheree, you better not speak to that jailbird Tyrone ever again! #RHOA
A man completely stands you up, didn’t have the decency to even call, and you don’t know if you’re ready to “let him go?” Sheree what? #RHOA
I understand that Sheree doesn’t want to give up especially putting so much time in the relationship, but sometimes you just gotta let it go. That hurt not worth it #RHOA
Sheree is literally hurting herself by holding onto Tyrone. Capricorns really need to learn how to let go #RHOA
Sheree don’t worry about Lyrone. He’ll get his karma #RHOA
Oh come on Sheree…you deserve better! I have a feeling she’s in love with someone who doesn’t love her!No explanation means he doesn’t care about her feelings!🤦🏽‍♂️#RHOA
Sheree you can do better! You need a man that will dote on you & give you the world! This guy ain’t it! #RHOA
Why is Sheree attracted to and settling for unavailable men tho? #RHOA
No Sheree! Please no more chances. I have been there!!! He’s going to do it again!!!! Do not go back! Let him eat them actions while you move on!! @IamSheree #RHOA
5 mins into this episode and Sheree is pissing me off. Cut that man loose girl! #RHOA
Sheree please you are too fine to worry about a jail bird not your speed boo #RHOA
She, deserves better! Please let Tyrone go Sheree.#RHOA

More details on what happened between Shereé and Tyrone on RHOA

Last week, Shereé decided to pay a visit to Tyrone after the other housewives left New York. He was in Philadelphia and couldn't make it to New York as planned because his travel restrictions wouldn't allow him to get past 100 miles from his home. As she was about to reach Philly, Shereé tried calling Tyrone, but he didn't answer the phone.

Shereé later reached the restaurant the couple had decided on, but she had not heard from Tyrone yet. She decided to wait it out and see if he eventually turned up. Around two hours later, the producer told her that Tyrone couldn't make it because of a parole violation.

Heartbroken and taken aback, Shereé called Kenya to reveal what had happened and broke down. Kenya requested that Shereé not call him back and advised her to wait and see if he would apologize for the incident.

A short recap of what happened this week on RHOA Episode 6

Marlo felt that Shereé needed a little pampering after what happened to her in Philly. So the RHOA star decided to throw a little surprise pampering session that included shopping, a foot massage, and some good food.

Kenya was also supposed to meet Marlo at her house to surprise Shereé, but she ended up calling in sick. Drew brought some cupcakes for Shereé.

Shereé revealed that she was staying low and was embarrassed about what had happened to her. But when Marlo called her and invited her home, she was shocked. She shared that no one had ever done anything so thoughtful for her. The two ladies had a candid conversation, and Shereé opened up about how she felt.

RHOA airs every Sunday night at 8.00 pm ET only on Bravo. Readers can check their local listings for more information.

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