Does Tanner Buchanan have a girlfriend? Inside Cobra Kai star’s love life as an on-stage kiss with Addison Rae breaks the internet

Tanner Buchanan Addison Rae from "He's All That" (Image via Netflix)
Tanner Buchanan Addison Rae from "He's All That" (Image via Netflix)

Actor Tanner Buchanan and Addison Rae, costars on “He’s All That,” recently left fans startled after sharing an impromptu kiss on-stage at the 2021 MTV Movie and TV Awards. The gesture has many wondering whether Buchanan is currently dating anyone else or if the two celebs have a secret romance brewing between them.

The 22-year-old ‘Cobra Kai’ star began trending on social media after announcing the MTV award for ‘Best Kiss’ with Addison Rae. The “He’s All That” duo surprised the crowd when they locked lips after presenting awards to Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes.

MTV also shared a tweet saying the lead couple has “confirmed” chemistry between them.

Even with his rising popularity, Tanner Buchanan has kept his social life private and hasn’t been an open book about his current or past relationships. But that hasn't stopped fans from gushing over the star's kiss with his on-screen partner. Readers can find some reactions below.

Tanner Buchanan rumored to be dating Lizze Broadway

If reports are to be believed, the “Cobra Kai” star has been dating actress Lizze Broadway since 2017. The pair were last seen together at the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con and even shared a lengthy behind-the-scenes vlog of their time spent with the cast during the Netflix show’s panel.


It must be noted that the YouTube channel has also been named “Lizze & Tanner,” and it can be taken as a sign that the pair could still be dating. Although Tanner Buchanan hasn’t shared any PDA images with Lizzie, one particular post confirms that Tanner and Lizzie had been dating between 2017-2019.

Who is Lizze Broadway?

Lizze Broadway is an Ohio-born actress and has a long list of credits in movies. She has made notable appearances in shows like “NCIS” and “Chicago P.D.” Recently, she got her big break and became a household name after appearing in “Stranger Things."

Thanks to her growing stardom, Lizze recently landed a lead role in the "The Boys" spinoff to play a superhero character named Emma.

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Tanner Buchanan fans flood Lizze’s social media

Unfortunately, Lizze’s last post on Instagram is starting to pile up with toxic comments from fans pointing out Tanner Buchanan's on-stage kiss with Addison Rae.

But some have also come to her support, stating that the two are professionals. The sensational moment was probably scripted for the MTV awards show.

Lizze hasn’t responded to the comments, but the star shared a story on her account with a picture of Tanner captioned, “Bring me Popcorn.” It remains to be seen if the incident affects their relationship.

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