Addison Rae dedicates a tweet to Minecraft star Dream, and fans aren't too happy 

Addison Rae recently tweeted at Dream
Addison Rae recently tweeted at Dream

TikTok star Addison Rae recently dedicated a tweet to Minecraft star Dream, much to the chagrin of a large section of the latter's fans. The 20-year old TikToker is known to be quite friendly with Dream, having interacted with him several times.

In fact, her latest tweet comes just a couple of days after her earlier "vivid dreams" tweet, which ended up catching the attention of the faceless sensation:

Taking a cue from their aforementioned interaction, this time around, Rae decided to tweet directly at Dream, who responded hilariously:

While the conversation between them came across as pretty casual and harmless, it touched a raw nerve with a certain section of the Minecraft community, which generally tend to be a bit wary around TikTokers.

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Twitter reacts to Addison Rae x Dream's Twitter exchanges


This is not the first time Dream and Rae have interacted, having done so numerous times in the past. From Dream handing her exclusive merchandise to streaming Among Us together, the duo seem to have developed quite the friendship.

However, the Minecraft community tends to club Rae with the rest of the controversial TikTok bandwagon, because of which a sense of aversion and skepticism has crept in.

Moreover, Rae and her fans' recent involvement in the whole TommyInnit x Valkyrae TikTok drama seems to have only exacerbated the simmering discontent towards her and TikTokers in general.

With that in mind, the following are some of the reactions on Twitter as a section of fans expressed displeasure over Dream's interactions with Rae:

Simultaneously, another section was a little more welcoming as they used it as an opportunity to get her to ask Dream for more pictures of his cat, Patches:

With the internet divided over their continued interactions, it remains to be seen whether Dream x Addison Rae's friendship will end up being unanimously accepted by fans in the long run.

Edited by Srijan Sen