Dog Gone ending explained: Did Fielding and John find their dog?

A still from Dog Gone (Image via Netflix)
A still from Dog Gone (Image via Netflix)

Netflix has just released Dog Gone, and fans have fallen in love with the adorable Gonker from the movie. And yes, Gonker thankfully does reunite with his owner.

Directed by Stephen Herek, Dog Gone stars Rob Lowe, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, and Johnny Berchtold. The film follows the father-son duo of Fielding and John on a quest to find their dog Gonker, who has gone missing after chasing a fox in the forest.


Gonker is also suffering from Addison's disease, which requires him to take medication once every thirty days or his life is at risk. During the search, Fielding and his father reconnect after having a fallout a couple of days prior due to Fielding's life choices and lack of ambition for his future.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from Dog Gone.

Dog Gone ends on a heartwarming note with Gonker reuniting with the Marshalls

At the end of Dog Gone, we see Fielding unable to sleep after his critical surgery, especially when he is in dire need of it. He claims that he can only rest when his dog is with him. His father, John, then sneaks Gonker into the hospital. Fielding cuddles his dog and finally goes to sleep. We are then introduced to the real-life Fielding and Gonker after the film ends.

But right before that, John fends off a couple of bullies in a restaurant who were picking on his son and his friend. The following day, John's wife and Fielding's mother, Ginny, calls and informs them that Gonker has been found and is in a shelter. The dog also suffers from Addison's disease, and everyone is convinced it was the same dog.

The duo rush to the shelter only to realize it is a different dog. Heartbroken, the father-son duo leaves, and Fielding weeps his heart out when he realizes he might never see his dog again. His father embraces him and while his son is asleep in their car, he drives them back home.

When Fielding realises he is back home, he runs to his parents, enraged, and tells them that they should keep looking for Gonker. His parents then tell him that it's time to move on. The family shares an emotional moment, and Fielding informs his sister on the phone about the disease he has been suffering from.

When he goes to inform his parents about his health issue, they receive a call from a man who claimed to have spotted Gonkers eating from a garbage bin. The family is skeptical at first after their past experience, but is quickly reassured that the dog is indeed Gonkers.

They rush to the location and met the person. Unfortunately, they don't find the dog and begin to lose hope. We then see Gonker finally emerging from the bushes and running towards the duo. Fielding embraces him, as they play on the ground. When they return home, Fielding collapses from his health problems.

He is taken to the hospital and operated on, and thankfully is out of danger after a successful surgery. He is supposed to sleep to heal, but isn't able to do so without Gonkers. His father then sneaks the dog into the hospital, and Gonkers is reunited with his master again.

Fielding finally goes to sleep, and we are then shown pictures of the real dog and its owner.

Dog Gone is streaming on Netflix worldwide.

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