Doodie Lo net worth: Fortune explored as rapper wins defamation lawsuit against FTN Bae

Doodie Lo has won the lawsuit against his ex-girlfriend (Image via otf_doodielo/Instagram)
Doodie Lo has won the lawsuit against his ex-girlfriend (Image via Instagram/@otf_doodielo)

Rapper Doodie Lo has won a long-running defamation lawsuit against his former partner, FTN Bae.

Bae charged Lo with molesting their son and recorded the same statement from the kid, revealing it to the public in October 2021. Lo and his attorney, Ariel Mitchell, believed that the reason behind these accusations was that Bae was frustrated regarding their split.

Lo said through Instagram in December 2021 that the accusations of FTN Bae were not true and that he was seeking around $5 million for the normal damages alongside $10 million for punitive damages. The rapper also said that the accusations could damage his career and reputation.

Meanwhile, Ariel Mitchell was not happy with the way the incident was portrayed by some outlets and she also threatened to file a defamation suit against them.

According to the latest updates, Lo was offered $11 million and Bae has been arrested, although the bond details have not been disclosed yet. While speaking to The Shade Room, Lo said that it was a $30 million lawsuit and that he is expecting to get the money as soon as possible.

Addressing the consequences of the allegations, he said:

“My ultimate goal is to spread awareness to those innocent of false accusations, especially innocent men who have been accused of s*xual assault. This issue further highlights the dark side of #MeToo: What happens when men are falsely accused?”

When Bae made the accusations in 2021, Doodie revealed through Instagram that he had sued her. He wrote in the caption that he will not sit back and let anyone defame his name and character and what he stands for.

Bae also responded with screenshots of her court documents, saying that "anybody can sue for whatever reasons and say whatever in the lawsuit."

Doodie Lo is reportedly worth at least $7 million

Doodie Lo has accumulated a lot of wealth from his work as a rapper (Image via Instagram/@otf_doodielo)
Doodie Lo has accumulated a lot of wealth from his work as a rapper (Image via Instagram/@otf_doodielo)

Doodie Lo has been active in the music industry for a long time. According to Married Biography, his net worth is estimated to be in the range of $7 to $8 million.

He was born on October 22, 1991, as David Saulassberry. Doodie Lo's father is a businessman who grew up in the United States.

The rapper initially gained recognition for his frequent appearances on social media and soon wrote songs for himself. He became a member of Lil Durk’s group Only The Family (OTF) and his first album, Big Doodie Lo, was released in August 2021.

He continued to release more projects like Don’t Worry, Brudda Sh*t, Call Bigboy, and others.


Lo has around 52,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, where he posts videos from his latest projects. He has also represented various brands on social media.

Doodie is also active on Instagram with around 389,000 followers and 146 posts that mostly feature promotions for his albums and singles. He also posts about his personal life, where he is seen enjoying outdoor locations with his friends.

Edited by Prem Deshpande
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