Dr Pepper Dark Berry: Where to buy, price, release date and everything to know about the soda for 'Barrys'

The Dark Berry is a popular flavor among soda fans (Image via @drpepper/Instagram)
The Dark Berry is a popular flavor among soda fans (Image via @drpepper/Instagram)

Dr Pepper has joined the list of companies bringing back discontinued flavors on popular demand. The soda company just announced the return of the Dark Berry flavor for a limited time period.

Consumers haven't tasted the drink since 2019, when it was released in collaboration with Spider-Man: Far From Home. Check out what the latest launch has in store for soda fans.

Dr Pepper Dark Berry is only meant for Barrys

Dr Pepper announced the return of the flavor to their Twitter followers on Tuesday, April 26. The brand posted a commercial for the drink, featuring a cheeky Barry Manilow saying,

"Hi everyone! I'm Barry Manilow and I'm here to tell you that Dr Pepper Dark Berry is back for a limited time. But only for people named Barry. Barry- Berry, get it? So, if your name is Lola, Rico, Toni or of course Mandy, no Dark Berry for you. "

The tagline for the drinks reads, “The Dark Berry Barrys deserve!” Staying true to the theme, the soda company asked their followers to tell the Barrys about the release by tagging them in the comment section. Then, they gave away free Dark Berry cans to 500 Barrys.

This Dark Berry soda has a one-of-a-kind flavor that blends blackberries, blackcurrants and black cherries.

Tina Kolokathi, the Deputy News & Entertainment Editor for Elite Daily, described the taste saying:

“It tastes like Dr Pepper with a bit more sweetness and the aftertaste of a blue ice pop.”

Dark Berry is one of the most popular Dr Pepper flavors among their wide assortment. It is speculated to launch at the beginning of next month, and customers should be able to purchase it May 1 onwards. It will be available in all major retail outlets, but fans can find them in Target stores first.

Anyone who wish to try the flavor before its re-release can get their hands on the Spider-Man: Far From Home edition of Dark Berry. The 2019 version is still available on Amazon.com, costing $34.99 for a pack of 15.

The drink is launching in partnership with the the upcoming film, Jurrasic World Dominion, this time.

Pop Tarts brought back a fan favorite flavor

Kellogg's also reintroduced a much-requested flavor of Pop Tarts recently, namely frosted grape. They made the announcement almost a week ago and organized a sweepstakes to celebrate the launch. Winners of the giveaway will get a year-long supply of Pop Tarts, as well as a giftbox containing various Y2K gift items.

Companies choosing to bring back our favorite foods and drinks is definitely making us ecstatic.

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