'Dynasty' Season 5: 3 reasons why Fallon Carrington is the girl boss everyone needs to work with

A still from CW's 'Dynasty' with Fallon Carrington (Image via CW)
A still from CW's 'Dynasty' with Fallon Carrington (Image via CW)

Everyone's favorite Carrington a.k.a. Fallon is back with a brand new season of Dynasty, just in time for the holiday season.

The rich family drama Dynasty is one underrated show that definitely needs all the recognition for its flaming hot plot. It follows the lives of the wealthy Carringtons and their family drama, their struggle for power and their feuds with other influential rich families. However, there's more drama within the family than outside, making it a fun watch for viewers.

Dynasty is developed by Josh Schwartz, Stephanie Savage and Sallie Patrick. It is a reboot of the 1980s soap opera of the same name.

Fallon from 'Dynasty' is an icon and here's why


Fallon Carrington is the central character in Dynasty's reboot, unlike in the 1980s prime-time soap opera. She is charismatic, manipulative, intelligent and business savvy just like her billionaire father, Blake Carrington.

Fallon knows what she wants and gets it, and like every daughter, she plans to make a name for herself independent of her father's reputation.

Before the premiere of Season 5, here's a look at why Fallon is an icon in the show.

1) She is a businesswoman at heart

If there's one thing that was definitely passed on from her father, it's Fallon's dedication towards her work. She is the ultimate work-a-holic who craves success. Of course, she pulled the classic move of attempting to overthrow her father as CEO and failed, but she also started many of her own firms over the course of four seasons.

Morell Green Energy Corporation and Femperial Publishing did do some good in the beginning, but ultimately did not work out, except for Fallon Unlimited. However, this got Fallon into the world of business and showed her love for success.

2) She knows how to utitlize an opportunity

In the first few seasons of Dynasty, Fallon was seen struggling to make a name for herself in her dad's company. She even teamed up with his enemy, Jeff Colby, to bring him down, but that plan failed. She was almost betrayed by Jeff as well but used that opportunity to make a business move.

Therefore, Fallon might fall every now and then, but she knows how to rise back up with more power and business ideas.

3) She is honest

Fallon may be sarcastic, but she is also brutally honest, be it commenting on an outfit or a business deal. Over the course of four seasons, Fallon has been seen as a sarcastic, spoiled brat as her business skills are overlooked. She is smart, fashionable and honest - three things needed in a successful businesswoman.

Watch the upcoming season of Dynasty, exclusively on CW, from December 20. Catch up with previous seasons, available to stream on Netflix.

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