“Emily is 100% annoying”: 90 Day Fiancé fans slam Emily for continuously asking Kobe about money on date night

Kobe and Emily from 90 Day Fiancé (Image via 90 Day Fiancé/YouTube)
Kobe and Emily from 90 Day Fiancé (Image via 90 Day Fiancé/YouTube)
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The third episode of 90 Day Fiancé season 9 featured Emily welcoming Kobe to Kansas.

Emily and Kobe met in China at a nightclub and instantly fell for each other. Two weeks later, they got engaged, and soon after, Emily got pregnant. They applied for a K-1 visa for Kobe to join Emily in the US, but COVID-19 delayed the process, and she gave birth to their son without Kobe.

In the previous episode, Emily was seen nervous before Kobe’s arrival. She was worried about him not feeling the same affection for her after he saw Emily, who changed physically after giving birth. She also wanted to have a date night with Kobe before he met their son.

The decision not to let him meet his son first annoyed Kobe.

Fans’ reaction to Emily’s questions in episode 3

Kobe was not happy with the fact that he couldn’t meet his son on his first day in Kansas. However, he agreed to have a date night with Emily and spend some quality time before diving into parenthood.

While they were on their date, Emily brought up questions about Kobe’s money. She was constantly asking how much money he brought with him. Her continuous interrogation started to annoy Kobe, who asked her to calm down. She then said that she would like a good wedding ring and gown, and would not prefer that she only spends money and not him.

Her thoughts and demands left fans disappointed. They shared their opinions on social media:

Emily is 100% annoying 😣#90DayFiance
Emily is getting INCREASINGLY more annoying each SECOND she keeps talking #90DayFiance
Emily is too much. Kobe go home bro. Save yourself #90DayFiance
Jesus Christ, Emily is insufferable. #90dayfiance
Ugh. Emily is annoying.#90DayFiance
Whoa…it sounds like Emily is going to be jealous of her son because it’s going to be all about him after this first night. #90DayFiance
Wow emily! Of all things to worry now, a ring? You can get a great ring after youre married, after you r no longer living off your parents. A wedding, rings, dress isnt important. Have a quick wedding save the $$ for a house, have a big celebration later. #90DayFiance
I’m sorry this date night with Emily and Kobe is very stressful. #90DayFiance
Emily is all over the place. First it was I need you so bad you can’t see your son first to what you gonna do for me. She is delusional and terrifying all at the same time. I’m nervous for Kobe. #90dayfiance
Emily is lazy. She only half works. She could get in shape if she wanted to. She wants something to complain about #90DayFiance
Emily is delusional. Yikes with all her demands. Dude literally just got off the airplane. 😬 #90DayFiance

All about 90 Day Fiancé Episode 3


90 Day Fiancé season 9 episode 3 featured Emily and Kobe spending the latter’s first day in Kansas. They will visit Emily’s home the next day, which will be shown in the next week’s episode.

Apart from the couple, the latest episode also featured Ariela and Biniyam’s first appearance this season. After their Kenya trip, they stayed at Biniyam’s hometown but would now be moving to the US. Episode 3 showed his sisters hating the idea and throwing a glass of wine at Ariela’s face.

90 Day Fiancé's new episode starred Yvette and Mohamed as well. The latter arrived in the US to live with his fiancé, but his orthodox thinking and cultural differences might create trouble in paradise. Viewers saw Bilal finally revealing his natural home and lifestyle to Shaeeda after his prank backfired. Jibri and Miona, on the other hand, were seen struggling to adjust as a couple in Jibri’s home in South Dakota.

Only time will tell which couple will agree to walk down the aisle by the end of this season. 90 Day Fiancé airs new episode Sundays at 8.00 PM ET on TLC.

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