Euphoria makeup: Exact beauty products used by cast revealed

Some of the makeup looks from 'Euphoria' (Image via Euphoria and donni.davy/Instagram)
Some of the makeup looks from 'Euphoria' (Image via Euphoria and donni.davy/Instagram)
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Euphoria is a hit teenage drama filled with women, with the leading cast dominated by women with unique aesthetics and makeup looks. Rue has a grounded style, but her best friend Jules is more into artistic makeup. Maddy dresses like a vixen, while Kat prefers Goth clothing.

The show's head of makeup, Donni Davy, has done a great job giving each character a spotlight. Providing her views on the cast's makeup, Davy said in an interview with Instyle:

"The aesthetic spans from ultra-raw and minimal to twinkling Euphoria glam. The overall intention is emotional glam: makeup with an emotional story behind it. The point is for the makeup to first give the audience a little more insight into the emotional states of the characters, and then to register as a cool makeup look, but never the other way around."

We bring to you some beauty products that Davy used on each of the Euphoria girls and some products that are a constant on the show.

Makeup products used on the set of 'Euphoria'

1) Noto Botanics Organic Hydra highlighter

Available for $28 on, the product gives a natural sheen to the skin and can be applied all over the body. Davy used this on Zendaya, whose character, Rue, is the least glamorous one on the show.

Rue goes bicycling around the town with disheveled hair and no visible makeup. The product gives her a sunkissed look and accentuates Zendaya's complexion.

2) Danessa Myricks Beauty Colorfix

Available for $18 on, the product is highly pigmented and waterproof. It is also available in various colors in three formulae, matte, metallic, and high shine.

The pigment was Davy's go-to product for Jules, played by Hunter Schafer. Jules is seen with a variety of colorful eyeshadows and little motifs drawn around her eyes.

3) Inglot AMC Eyeliner Gel

Available for $21 on, the Inglot AMC eyeliner gel 77 is one of the deepest black-liners in the industry. Dave used the product to create wings on Maddy, played by Alexa Demie.

Maddy is a vixen and flaunts the perfect cat-eye look on Euphoria.

4) Make Up For Ever Star Lit Diamond Powder

Available for $26 on, the Star Lit Powder is finely-milled shimmers that glide on the skin seamlessly without feeling gritty. Cassie, played by Sydney Sweeney, wears the product most often.

Cassie, who loves the idea of love, is the damsel on the show. Dave uses the product to bring out subtle glam yet feminine vibes from her makeup look.

5) Huda Beauty Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette

Available for $29 on, the palette based on royal colors includes some incredibly vibrant eyeshadows. Davy used the palette for different looks on Kat, played by Barbie Ferreira, in season one, when Kat went through a dominatrix phase and showcased a variety of looks.

6) MAC Ruby Woo

Available for $19 on, Ruby Woo has been a makeup staple for years. The neutral red color compliments every skin tone and adds just the right amount of color to the face.

Davy used the product on Lexi, played by Maude Apatow, who has a grounded character. The makeup head uses the product to give some peppiness to Lexi's minimalist style on Euphoria.

7) Spacecase Illuminating Mini Pro-Palette

Available for $124 on, the Spasecase palette is a glitter palette. Jules and Maddy were often seen in glittery eyeshadow, and the palette created party looks for the characters.

The Spacecase has glitter chunks in the right size to shine through the screen.

8) Euphoric Glitter Pro-Squad

Available for $98 on, the glitter squad is inspired by the Euphoria characters. The iridescent glitter is chunky and shines when lights hit it.

The glitter pro squad was heavily used on characters during the Halloween episode in Season 1. The product was also used to create Rue's iconic under-eye sparkle from the same season.

9) Holographic rhinestones

Rhinestones have been used by the show's makeup artist several times. Maddy wore it for her season one cheerleader look, while her best friend Cassie wore rhinestones on her lids during the New Year's party episode in Season 2.

10) Face Lace

Available on, the face decals come in various price ranges. Davy used the decals in multiple episodes, and they were a regular accessory on Jules, who has a very artistic approach to her style on Euphoria.

Euphoria has received critical acclaim worldwide, even winning the Primetime Emmy Award for makeup in 2020. The show has returned for a second season on HBO this January, with new episodes releasing every Sunday at 9 pm EST.

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