'Euphoria' Season 2 Episode 2 recap: Everyone is 'Out of Touch' in the latest episode of HBO Max series (Spoilers)

Still from Euphoria Season 2 Episode 2 - Kat and Ethan (Image via HBO Max)
Still from Euphoria Season 2 Episode 2 - Kat and Ethan (Image via HBO Max)

It's Euphoria Day, which means a brand new episode of Season 2 has dropped and this time everyone is fantasizing about the impossible.

The episode, titled Out of Touch, is written and directed by creator Sam Levinson. This episode revolves around the aftermath of the New Year's Eve party and puts multiple characters' thoughts and activities in the spotlight, a.k.a. a wild episode.

Caution: This article contains spoilers!

'Euphoria' Season 2 Episode 2: Recap


Euphoria Season 2 Episode 2 picks from the previous episode with a beat-up Nate being taken to the hospital. As usual, viewers will hear Rue narrating most of the events. According to her, Nate started falling for Cassie while he was being transported to the hospital, although he wasn't exactly in his right mind.

He starts imagining his life with her, including her being pregnant with their child. He also imagines, and somewhere wishes, his father dying which frees him from most of his troubles - Maddy still holding on to the recording of his dad hooking up with Jules.

A whole lot of "awkward"

Back at school in Euphoria, Rue and Jules seem to be in love, where the former explains that she finally has everything she wished for. This moment soon ends when Elliot shows up, which makes Rue feel weird as she has been hanging out with him and doing drugs whilst making everyone else think she is sober. The awkward meeting gets Jules upset and she leaves.

Meanwhile, Cassie grows more and more awkward around Maddy, for obvious reasons. She decides to be single even though it'd be a first for her, so she's just in denial. Keeping hers and Nate's secret alive in Euphoria, she awaits a response from him after what happened at the party. However, he texts Maddy instead, which makes Cassie jealous.

Maddy shares the 'super cute' text with Cassie while babysitting at a rich house in the California hills. Her reason for babysitting is mainly to try on the mother's clothes in her walk-in closet.

She almost got caught this time but no suspicion was raised from the mother. Instead, she asks her to unzip her dress, with the camera lingering on for a bit too long, so something can be expected in the future of Euphoria Season 2 from the two.

Kat's Dothraki fantasy

In the girl's bathroom at school, the girls gather around and casually ask Kat about her relationship with Ethan. Rue's narration states that Ethan is a sweet guy but there is still something about him that upsets Kat.

Viewers will see a recreation of Kat and Ethan make out in her room, but he is soon impaled by a Dothraki warrier in the bathroom. The warrior then proceeds to 'conquer' Kat and this entire fantasy is told in a different style to her friends, where Ethan was the one doing the conquering.

Freakout Party

Back in the real world on Euphoria, Cassie is freaking out as she thinks Maddy will find out about her and Nate, and then proceed to kill her. Meanwhile, Jules is freaking out over Elliot and his friendship with Rue.

Later Cassie and Lexi both freaked out when Nate's dad, Cal, questioned them about the party. Cassie eventually gives in to Cal's threats and tells him who did it, which pisses Lexi off because she cannot stop thinking about that night.

The focus in Euphoria Season 2 then shifts to Lexi and how she struggles with doing what she knows is right. In a flashback, she can be seen threatening Rue by sharing about her drug usage with her mom, which turns out to be a bluff.

But when Rue overdosed last season, Lexi blamed herself. This time, she wishes to do it right and goes over to warn Fez about Cal. Soon after, Cal himself visited Fez's store but did nothing.

A series of wrong decisions

Meanwhile in Euphoria, Nate meets up with Cassie and tries to break up with her. He takes her to a construction site to break the news, which obviously upsets her so she tries to run away. The two got together after ignoring Maddy's calls, which made her suspicious.

During all this, Elliot and Rue are smoking up, yet another set of wrong decisions occurring in the same night. He asks Rue if he is a bad influence on her, while at the same time, Jules' father asks her the same question. Rue obviously ditched her dinner plans with Jules to instead get high with Elliot.

Later that night in Euphoria, Elliot's mother asks about 'his friend', insinuating that he does not have friends over. Rue then heads over to her AA meeting where she is greeted by Ali, who learns that she is still on her 'suicide mission.'

On the other hand, Kat is having another Ethan crisis and comes to the realization that she is to blame for not loving him. She hallucinates an entire argument with models who tell her to love herself, but the problem is that she is depressed and fails to indulge in any self-love.

Instead of seeing Ethan on her own, she invites Maddy and Jules to bowl with them. At the end of the night, Maddy tells Jules that she wants to get back with Nate even though he is bad for her.

A not-so-convenient meet

Back at Fez's convenience store in Euphoria, Cal shows up when Lexi is about to talk to Fez. He gave Fez an indirect warning and left, never drawing up the gun he had been carrying. Meanwhile, Ali drops Rue home and introduces himself to her mother. Rue is nervous because she thinks Ali will tell her mother about her relapse. However, he didn't say a word.

In the final scene of Euphoria Season 2 Episode 2, Cal confronts Nate about Fez and learns about the situation with Jules' tape. He then asks Nate if he has the tape, which he obviously does not, and the latter just stares off into the credits.

Euphoria Season 2 Episode 2 is now available to watch on HBO Max, with new episodes airing every Sunday at 9PM.

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