'This Is Us' Season 6 Episode 2 takeaway: NBC series sheds light on the power of love in latest episode

Still from NBC's This Is Us Season 5 - One Small Step (Image via NBC)
Still from NBC's This Is Us Season 5 - One Small Step (Image via NBC)

The final season of NBC's This Is Us is here to explore every aspect of love in its latest episode, with the ones in love - Déjà, Nicky, Rebecca and Miguel.

This Is Us is created by Dan Fogelman and revolves around the Pearson family as they navigate their way through life after the death of their father Jack. The series focuses heavily on the Pearson kids, but its latest episode puts The Big Three aside, shedding light on other characters.

It's time to understand the takeaway from NBC's This Is Us Season 6 Episode 2.


Takeaway from 'This Is Us' Season 6 Episode 2


The second episode of This Is Us Season 6 premiered today and shed light on the the different types of love. It had 3 love stories running side by side. Viewers will see a young love blossom between Déjà and Malik, the lasting love between Rebecca and Miguel and the unrequited love getting its closure in Nicky's life.

This episode of This Is Us showed the power love holds, how it can change someone's life when they are young, and sometimes even become a cause for not moving forward. It also showed that the lasting type always stays, till the very end, even if its with someone new.

Young Love

This episode of This Is Us Season 6 sheds light on Déjà and Malik's relationship. Keeping it a secret from Randall, Déjà visited Malik in Boston where things didn't go exactly as she planned. On her bus ride there, she met an old lady who expresses her belief in how young love changes a person, perhaps for the good.

Soon after arriving in Boston, Déjà is greeted by Janelle's mother Jennifer, who barely acknowledges her presence. After picking up Janelle for the day, Jennifer leaves the two love birds alone. An exhausted Malik shares his struggles of being a student at Harvard and managing his personal life. So, Déjà chooses to sacrifice her quality time with Malik and asks him to complete his paper.

The next day, on her way back home, she gets a text from Randall asking how her "breakfast at Tiffany's" was, to which she responds with "life changing." This is the power of love, when it is young and blossoming, leaving its ever lasting effects with the person.

Lasting Love

Episode 2 of This Is Us Season 6 saw Miguel and Rebecca's relationship in a different light. The two have been together for a long while now but never got the chance to let their love shine. As Rebecca's health worsens, she worries about what her last memory will be and is repetitive about the small stuff she sweats over.

But Miguel, a person who chose to devote his love to Rebecca, is patient with her. He acknowledges her concerns and when she apologizes for not being the ideal wife, he expresses his love to her with a gift. She feels Jack got the best version of her, while Miguel has to look after a patient.

Miguel's reassurance of being there for her and getting through the bad together, like he vowed too, relieves her. She knows she got lucky twice, once with a loving husband like Jack and the second time with Miguel. This is the lasting type of love, the kind that does not go away in bad times and stays till the end. This is what This Is Us really is about.

Unrequited Love

One Big Leap was a continuation of last season's One Small Step. Once again, the episode focused on Nicky and his past, only this time it became his present too. This Is Us Season 6 Episode 2 saw Nicky reuniting with his love Sally after 50 years. He never stopped thinking about her and longed to meet her all those years.

But when the two did meet, it did not go Nicky's way. Sally was now married to a man, although unhappy, but still not enough to go back to Nicky. She remembers the time they spent together in the back of her van and to Nicky's surprise, she had a photo of him on her photowall.

The one good thing that came out of this visit was that it gave Nicky the closure he had been looking for. It was difficult for him to move forward in life all those years, because he found himself stuck to that memory of her. However, this also gave him hope that someday, something good will come his way, which it did.

At the end of the episode in This Is Us, Nicky meets Edie, a flight attendant, and according to the flashforward, the two end up together. Perhaps the unrequited kind is true but it may also help find love again, turning the new love into the lasting type.

Feel the love in the air with this week's episode of This Is Us Season 6, now streaming on NBC, Hulu and Hotstar.

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