'Euphoria' Season 2 Episode 3 recap: HBO Max's latest episode sheds light on Cal Jacob's past (Spoilers) 

Still from HBO Max's Euphoria Season 2 Episode 3 - A young Cal with Derek (Image via HBO Max)
Still from HBO Max's Euphoria Season 2 Episode 3 - A young Cal with Derek (Image via HBO Max)

A brand new episode of Euphoria Season 2 dropped today and gave viewers a glimpse into Cal Jacob's life as a teen.

The episode, Ruminations: Big and Little Bullys, is written and directed by creator Sam Levinson. The episode features Nate's dad Cal Jacobs and is in reference to an art piece by Robert Rauschenberg of the same name.

It revolves around the aftermath of Cal finding out about the missing disk, while the other characters dwell on certain realizations of their own.

Caution: This article contains spoilers!

'Euphoria' Season 2 Episode 3: Recap


Euphoria Season 2 Episode 3 opens with a young Cal Jacobs, the first adult character in the series to get a backstory of his own. He is probably the biggest character on the show and rarely gets sympathy, but this episode might reverse some feelings.

Cal's incomplete love

Back in the '80s in Euphoria Season 2, Cal and his best friend Derek were inseparable. Hanging out together, partying together and even having fun with their girlfriends together. On the night of their graduation, the two drove out to a bar to get some drinks, the only place that would serve underage people.

Cal's feelings for Derek were hinted at throughout his backstory and when they get to the bar, their relationship takes a different turn. After putting some music on the jukebox, the two dance for a while, eventually ending it with a kiss.

The next morning, Cal wakes up to a phone call by his girlfriend, Marsha. She's pregnant and, as her boyfriend, Cal tells her he is happy about it before breaking down in tears.

Rue and her selfish ways

Back in the present day in Euphoria Season 2, Rue is in her room, singing to Bobby Darin and dancing around with her pillow and curtains. She then moves to the hall and into the kitchen, still dancing with the pillow, while pouring herself a glass of milk. Gia, who is present in the living room, watches her for a while and then asks if she is high.

The scene then shifts away from reality and into a classroom where Rue is giving a lecture on 'how to get away with being a drug addict'. According to her, people are always looking for hope, if not in reality then in television.

She then goes on, telling viewers to find a 'cover drug', which in her case is w**d, which helped lay some groundwork down with Gia before her performance in the kitchen.

The rest of the episode of Euphoria Season 2 sees her repeating the lie and telling people that she's just smoking some w**d, whenever any of her friends look concerned. This is the same excuse she's using on Jules to explain her forgetfulness about meeting Elliot.

According to Jules, Elliot wants to sleep with Rue and she's not happy about it. Later, she interrogates Elliot on his motives and s**uality to decide whether they can be friends. But towards the end of this episode of Euphoria Season 2, the two grow closer to one another.

A business opportunity

In yet another drug-taking session in Euphoria Season 2, Rue has a eureka moment and finds a way to get her drugs for free. She approaches Fez and asks if he would give her $5000 worth of substances, which she's planning to sell through her fellow students. He refuses every time she tries to finish her sentence, so she pays Laurie a visit.

After hearing Rue's business idea, Laurie gives her a suitcase worth $10,000 and warns her that if she messes up, it would culminate in her getting kidnapped and sold to some people. Viewers of Euphoria already know about Laurie and her capabilities. Rue then heads to her NA meeting, where Ali grows suspicious of her.

He later interrogates her about the suitcase and when Rue talks to him about it, he breaks off their friendship and leaves. This episode of Euphoria Season 2 ends with Rue taking Fentalyn from the case and consuming it.

A series of realizations

Cal paid Fez another visit, but this time with a different purpose. He asked for the disk back from Fez, only to find out that he had never had it. After getting beaten by Ashtray, Cal learns that Fez has no idea what he's talking about. However, he now knows what Cal did.

Fez then decides to make a deal with Cal and asks him to get Nate to leave him, Jules and Rue alone or face the consequences of sleeping with a minor.

On the other hand in Euphoria Season 2, Lexi comes to realize that she is an observer and decides to use that position to write a play about her classmates' lives.

Her sister, Cassie, is unaware of how she is portrayed in the production, a sluttier and tackier version of herself. A series of behind the scenes and interviews from her imaginary play are seen before she starts working towards it.

Cassie is still stuck on Nate and tries to steal his attention by getting ready for school at 4am in the morning, yet everyday he ignores her. But when Cassie shows up looking like Maddy, Nate finally pays attention and then viewers learn that the two had been secretly hanging out every week. One night when she heads out to meet him, he bails on her last minute and takes flowers to Maddy instead.

Euphoria Season 2 Episode 3 is now available to watch on HBO Max, with new episodes airing every Sunday at 9pm.

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