Every tailed beast in Naruto: Ranked from most powerful to least

Every tailed beast in Naruto: Ranked from most powerful to least (Image via YouTube/ HiddenWhiteFang)
Every tailed beast in Naruto: Ranked from most powerful to least (Image via YouTube/ HiddenWhiteFang)

In the Naruto universe, tailed beasts are of great significance due to their sheer power and chakra pool. These tailed beasts have been sealed inside certain characters granting them superhuman strength. This is also a reason for villains to pursue certain characters that drive the plot forward.

In Naruto, a certain number of tailed beasts are more potent than others owing to the chakra reserve and the corresponding Kekkei Genkai that they use. This article attempts to create a list of the strongest tailed beasts. The rankings are based on the author’s opinions.

Naruto tailed beasts ranked from strongest to weakest

1) Ten Tail

In the latest episode of Naruto Shippuden Madara Uchiha revived the Ten Tails. Project Suki No Me

The ten-tailed beast is a nightmare when facing off against it as it can dent the unbreakable Four Crimson Ray formation barrier. The God tree can also be manifested, granting it the ability to absorb chakra through the tree's roots. This is the strongest tailed beast on the list.

2) Kurama

Kurama, the nine-tailed beast, is the strongest among the nine-tailed beasts and uses wind and fire release. Kurama was strong enough to completely overwhelm Minato, which is a testament to the strength of this tailed beast. When Kurama was up against five-tailed beasts that shot the tailed beast balls simultaneously, it could counter it by releasing its supercharged tailed beast bomb. Kurama’s chakra reserve is so large that Naruto was able to share it with the entire Shinobi army.

3) Gyuki

Well done @Flashthe1st u done a great job by drawing this amazing #Gyuki

Gyuki is one of the strongest tailed beasts among the nine-tailed beasts. He is an eight-tailed beast who is strong enough to fight the Raikage. His strength and tenacity were seen during the fight against the ten tail. It was able to withstand the ten-tailed beast’s Bijuu Dama or the tailed beast bomb.

4) Son Goku

Son Goku (Image via YouTube/ Madara Hokage 2.0)
Son Goku (Image via YouTube/ Madara Hokage 2.0)

Son Goku is a powerful four-tailed beast that uses one of the strongest Kekkei Genkai, lava release. It, too, is capable of creating a tailed beast ball and has mastered Taijutsu. This combination can be troublesome for anyone facing Son Goku. His Taijutsu mastery was showcased against Gyuki when Son Goku could lift and toss it with ease.

5) Kokuo

Kokuo (Image via YouTube/Wishbone)
Kokuo (Image via YouTube/Wishbone)

Kokuo is an extremely powerful five-tailed beast that managed to free itself from Obito’s control for a while. This is a tailed beast with incredible physical strength. Kokuo rammed into Gyuki and managed to injure it, and sent it flying across the field. It combines water and fire release, creating a boil release Kekkei Genkai. It also increases the temperature of the chakra, improving the physical strength and speed.

6) Chomei

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Chomei is a seven-tailed beast that too has a massive chakra reserve. It uses cocoon and tailed beast balls to obliterate enemies. The cocoon is used to engulf the enemy completely. The powder scales to blind enemies during battles.

7) Saiken

Saiken (Image via YouTube/ Garoto Hyouton)
Saiken (Image via YouTube/ Garoto Hyouton)

Saiken is a six-tailed beast that secretes and spits a corrosive liquid that can disintegrate opponents. Its affinity for water release and the corrosive substance taking liquid and gaseous forms make it a powerful tailed beast.

8) Isobu

Isobu (Image via YouTube/ Anime- Djoness)
Isobu (Image via YouTube/ Anime- Djoness)

Isobu is an extremely powerful three-tailed beast that uses water release. It resides inside the deceased Mizukage. Its tough skin, swimming ability and massive chakra reserve make it a formidable opponent. Isobu also releases a Hallucinogenic mist which is highly potent.

9) Shukaku

"I will destroy this village and you can't stop me am I right Gaara?" -Shukaku--tricky Tanuki-one tailed beast -the beast within Gaara-not friendly

Shukaku was the first tailed beast that was introduced in Naruto. He is the only tailed beast that was sealed inside Gaara and is one of the reasons why Gaara has ultimate defence. Shukaku has a massive chakra reserve, and that paired with Gaara’s chakra making it extremely powerful. Shukaku also is a tailed beast capable of sealing Jutsu that is strong enough to seal Madara for a brief moment.

10) Matatabi

Matatabi (image via YouTube/ Anime- Djoness)
Matatabi (image via YouTube/ Anime- Djoness)

Matatabi is a two-tailed beast who resided inside Yugito Nii. She uses fire release and has a vast chakra reserve, much like the other tailed beasts. Her fire release is helpful as it can be lent to other tailed beasts if they require it.

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