Fact Check: Did The Simpsons predict Andrew Tate? Viral clip sparks hilarious responses online

Netizens claim The Simpsons predicted Andrew Tate
Netizens claim The Simpsons predicted Andrew Tate's rise on the internet (Image via AP)

As Andrew Tate continues to spend time in Romanian detention, netizens have taken to the internet to share their thoughts on him. Some internet users believe that the controversial influencer’s arrest and ideologies were predicted by The Simpsons television series a long time ago. However, this is simply an online joke. No predictions about the internet personality were made prior.

A video posted by Twitter user EinsteinsFather has gone viral on social media. In the same, the netizen wrote:

β€œThe Simpsons predicted Andrew Tate.”

The video showcased a Simpsons episode clip where Stark Richdale can be heard saying:

β€œLife is hard am I right? Wrong! Life is easy you suck. You have to take life you have to grab it by its bunny ears, you have to get in its face! Look at you losers, I can read your mind, β€œoh, I’m afraid of success, it’s pizza’s fault I’m fat, oh I’ll stop sucking later…” You see this watch? It’s jammed with so many jewels the hands can’t move.”

Richdale went on to ask Homer Simpson what kind of watch he has. The latter responded with:

β€œWell, I drew it on. See?”

Netizens claimed that Richdale asking Simpson what kind of watch he has is similar to Andrew Tate’s famous line where he says:

β€œWhat color is your Bugatti?”
The Simpsons predicted Andrew Tate
The Simpsons predicted Andrew Tate and Hustlers University 2.0 🀯
The Simpsons have done it again.Predicting Andrew Tate. ✊but instead of "What Color is ur Bugatti" its "What kind of Watch do you have" πŸ˜‚
Andrew Tate shows up in the Simpsons!
@Cobratate The Simpsons predicted andrew tate πŸ‘€

In an Andrew Tate clip where he speaks to a person about his Bugatti, the 36-year-old can be heard saying:

β€œI had mixed reviews about the color. Some people said they like it, some people said they don’t like it and I said, β€œwhat color is your Bugatti?”

Andrew Tate proceeded to show off a luxury watch he was wearing that matched the vehicle’s color. Tate claimed that the accessory was approximately $450,000.


However, The Simpsons did not attempt to predict Andrew Tate’s influence on social media users. In fact, the episode was reportedly inspired by an Al Pacino movie.

The Simpsons did not predict Andrew Tate

Twitter user @SloaneRogue confirmed that The Simpsons scene was inspired by the movie Glengarry Glen Ross. The movie stars Al Pacino, Alec Baldwin, and Kevin Spacey and is directed by James Foley.

The film depicts two days in the lives of four real estate agents and their struggles when their corporate office sends a motivational speaker to threaten them that only two out of them who perform well will keep their job and the other two will be fired within two weeks.

@EinsteinsFather This is actually a parody of scene from a movie called Glengarry Glen Ross. Iconic movie about salesmen starring Al Pacino, Kevin Spacey and Alec Baldwin.

In The Simpsons episode that has been mentioned above, Stark Richdale’s class attempts to teach students how to climb the ladder of success and have an aggressive outlook on life. His class eventually helps Homer become the CEO of a power plant. Hence, the Simpsons episode has nothing to do with Tate.

Currently, Andrew and his brother Tristan Tate are behind bars and are spending 30 days in detention on suspicion of r*pe, human trafficking and organizing a crime group. Recently, a woman came forward anonymously claiming that she was s*xually assaulted by Andrew as well.

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