Fact Check: Is JoJo Siwa pregnant? Viral tweet debunked as hilarious memes take over Twitter

JoJo Siwa pranks fans by hinting that she is pregnant (Image via Twitter)
JoJo Siwa pranks fans by hinting that she is pregnant (Image via Twitter)

JoJo Siwa went viral across social media platforms after seemingly announcing that she was pregnant. Many were taken aback considering her young age and because she never hinted at wanting children in the past. However, the dancer was simply jesting, as she isn't pregnant in reality.

It is safe to say that those interested in pop culture are well aware of the chirpy internet personality. However, for those unversed, JoJo Siwa, whose real name is Joelle Joanie Siwa, is a YouTube sensation best known for her videos for children and dancing.

She has amassed over 11.4 million followers on Instagram. Along with being an influencer, she has also appeared on several shows including Dance Mom, Dancing with the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance, and others.

JoJo Siwa recently took to social media and showcased her bare belly in a story. The YouTuber displayed a slightly bulgy tummy. She was lying on her back with one of her hands placed right below her stomach.

The caption for the post read- “Team BOY or Team GIRL.”


However, the dancer is not pregnant in reality. She was simply showing off her bloated belly after eating some food.

JoJo Siwa is not pregnant in real life

It is certain that the teenager is not pregnant. After showing off her belly in one social media story, she uploaded another post where she showcased her super-toned body where the bloating belly had disappeared. The photo appears to have been captured after a workout.

Through the next post, one can confirm that JoJo Siwa is not pregnant. The size of her belly would not have gone down after a workout if she was pregnant in real life.

She had also attached a sticker that read “Food Baby” in the alleged pregnancy post, assuring followers that she was not pregnant in real life. The online personality simply joked about how she looked pregnant after consuming food.

Considering how active she is on social media and how she keeps fans updated about her personal life, it is safe to say that she would have uploaded a post announcing her pregnancy in a more definite manner.

Netizens react to JoJo Siwa’s pregnancy prank

Some internet users were quick to fall for the influencer’s prank. They must not have seen her latest social media posts where she clearly looked more toned. Others must have not identified “Food Baby” written in the social media post. Netizens flooded Twitter with hilarious reactions that expressed shock. A few read:

@OvOBrezzzy went from beefing with da baby to having da baby 😭😭😭😭😭🔥
@OvOBrezzzy seeing jojo siwa pregnant feels illegal wth😭
@OvOBrezzzy This who got her pregnant
@OvOBrezzzy I can only imagine how ‘awesom3’ this baby will be
@OvOBrezzzy whoever got her pregnant goin to hell
@OvOBrezzzy Team that’s going to be an annoying baby
@OvOBrezzzy What the living hell is this

This is not the first time rumors of JoJo Siwa being pregnant have spread like wildfire. In June 2022, several tweets and TikToks claiming that the dancer was pregnant appeared online.

In the false videos, one could also see a positive pregnancy test. The rumors went viral and led to Siwa addressing the gossip at hand. She took to TikTok and jokingly responded by saying-

“Apparently I’m pregnant! God, I love TikTok.”

The same rumors reappeared in November 2022.


It seems like netizens spread false information to garner clout and go viral online.

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Edited by Karishma Rao