Fact Check: Was Johnny Depp in Instructions Not Included? Cast list explored

Johnny Depp did not have a cameo in 'Instructions Not Included' (Image via Samir Hussein/Getty Images)
Johnny Depp did not have a cameo in 'Instructions Not Included' (Image via Samir Hussein/Getty Images)

Although Johnny Depp’s high-profile defamation trial against Amber Heard came to an end earlier this month, social media users have continued to discuss the actor online. In the aftermath of the trial, several people started having a renewed interest in Depp’s career graph and his past films.

On the occasion of Father’s Day, the 2013 comedy-drama film Instructions Not Included aired on certain TV channels, and people were quick to notice a Johnny Depp cameo in one of the scenes. However, Depp did not appear as himself in the film, and his role was played by his impersonator Danny Lopez.

instructions not included is such a cute movie!! 🥹

In the movie, the protagonist Valentín Bravo comes across Depp at one of his workplaces in Hollywood. The latter was shown dressed in a style resembling Captain Jack Sparrow while shooting a film called Aztec Man.


At the time of its release, several people were left convinced that Johnny Depp played his own cameo role in Instructions Not Included. However, it was later confirmed that the role was played by his impersonator.

Who is Johnny Depp’s impersonator Danny Lopez?


Danny Lopez is a professional impersonator, best known for his impersonation of Johnny Depp. According to Harmony Artists Inc., Lopez began his career in impersonation at the age of 19 with the Las Vegas cast of Legends in Concert in 1983.

He eventually started gaining recognition for his uncanny resemblance to Depp and soon embraced the impersonation as part of his career. Even Depp’s close friend Christopher Lee praised Lopez’s acting and impersonation skills and called him “an actor with incredible range.”

In addition to impersonating Depp, Lopez is also capable of recreating different shades of the actor through his iconic film characters, including Captain Jack Sparrow, Willy Wonka, and Edward Scissorhands, among others.


As per Blue Moon Talent agency, Lopez has reportedly been part of over 500 musical productions, stage plays, TV shows, films, and countless live appearances. He has been a member of Actors Equity, AFTRA, and the Screen Actors Guild since 1983.

During one of his old interviews, Lopez said impersonating Johnny Depp was a challenge:

"I've always been told that I look like Depp. It’s a wonderful challenge to impersonate him and recreate some of his greatest movie characters for his millions of fans."

In addition to his official appearances, Lopez also took part in impersonating Depp at corporate, private, and public events.

A look into the plot of Instructions Not Included

Johnny Depp's cameo in 'Instructions Not Included' was made by his impersonator (Image via Getty Images)
Johnny Depp's cameo in 'Instructions Not Included' was made by his impersonator (Image via Getty Images)

Instructions Not Included is a 2013 Mexican film directed by and starring Eugenio Derbez in the lead role. The film revolves around the life of Valentín Bravo and baby Maggie, his lovechild who is suddenly left on his doorstep.

Although Bravo plans to return Maggie to her mother, Julie, he ends up raising her for six years and takes up the job of a stuntman to support his daughter. He successfully gave Maggie a happy and fun lifestyle and eventually becomes Hollywood’s leading stuntman.


However, Julie returns and files for legal custody of her daughter and also proves through DNA testing that Bravo is not Maggie’s biological father. When Bravo loses custody of his daughter, he runs away with her to Acapulco.

Upon finding the father-daughter duo on the beach, Julie decides to drop the custody claim and starts living with Bravo and Maggie. Things take a tragic turn as it is revealed that Maggie had been suffering from a heart defect and the film eventually came to an end with the child passing away.

In addition to Derbez, Instructions Not Included starred Jessica Lindsey as Julie Weston, Loreto Peralta as Maggie Bravo, Daniel Raymont as Frank Ryan, and Alessandra Rosaldo as Renée.


Other roles included Hugo Stiglitz as Johnny Bravo, Sammy Pérez as Sammy, Arcelia Ramirez as Judeisy, Agustin Bernal as Lupe, Rosa Gloria Chagoyan as Lola, Karla Souza as Jackie, Margarita Wynne as Sofía, Arap Bethke as Valentín's Lawyer, Alejandra Bogue as Travesti, Danny Lopez as Johnny Depp/Aztec Man, Rodrigo Massa as FBI Agent, and Roger Cudney as Julie's lawyer.

The film reportedly grossed $44.5 million in North America and became the highest-grossing Spanish-language film and the fourth highest-grossing foreign film of all time in the United States. It also earned a total of $100.5 million worldwide and is still considered to be a classic.

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