Family Karma 2022 (season 3) cast: Where to follow the 7 Indian-American friends on Instagram?

Family Karma Season 3 will premiere on Sunday, November 6 (Images via captainvish and amritkapai/ Instagram)
Family Karma Season 3 will premiere on Sunday, November 6 (Images via captainvish and amritkapai/ Instagram)

The Family Karma Season 3 will feature 7 second-generation Indian-Americans living in Miami with Indian relatives. The new season will premiere on Bravo on Sunday, November 6 at 9 pm ET.

Amrit Kapai, Anisha Ramakrishna, Bali Chainani, Brian Benni, Monica Vaswani, and Vishal Parvani will return to the show. Rish Karam will be introduced as a new full-time character as he is dating Monica Vaswani.

Brothers Shaan Patel and Dillon Patel will not be seen on Family Karma Season 3.

Instagram IDs of Family Karma Season 3 cast

1- Amrit Kapai: @amritkapai

Amrit Kapai is a 34-year-old lawyer who works as a senior associate at Goldstein & McClintock LLLP. This season, he will be seen organizing perhaps the "first elaborate Indian gay wedding in their community" with his partner of more than 9 years, Nicholas.

According to Bravo, the pair will take the support of their friends to make their "wedding feel like their own."

2- Anisha Ramakrishna: @anishramakrishna

37-year-old Anisha Ramakrishna is engaged. The third season of Family Karma will showcase her blooming relationship with a mystery man, which will cause her friendships to be strained. According to Bravo, the University of Miami alumni’s size inclusive clothing brand called Currently is thriving. Anisha wants to leave her mark on the fashion industry.

She will get into a fight with her group of friends as she tries to make things right with her partner.

3- Bali Chainani: @balibbali

48-year-old Bali Chainani has been working at Equiflor Corporation since 2013 as a sales and marketing executive. She also sells show merchandise with Anisha Ramakrishna and often finds herself hanging out with other aunties. On this season of Family Karma, Bali’s ex-husband will give her an ultimatum which might force her to make a life-changing decision.

4- Brian Benni: @brianbenni_

30-year-old Brian Benni is a party boy who now wants to find his dream girl. Professionally, he is a software consultant who graduated from Florida State University. Brian might move out of his parent’s house on Family Karma Season 3.

He was in a relationship with Monica before the two ended things for good and became friends.

5- Monica Vaswani: @monica_vaswani

30-year-old Monica Vaswani is a content creator by day and an aspiring Bollywood choreographer by night. Other than that, the Florida International University alumni was crowned as Miss India Virgin Islands in 2012 and has been working for Ultimate Software for 6 years.

She is considered to be a "good girl" in her community who will be forced to marry Rish in Family Karma Season 3 but her relationship might be threatened due to rumors.

6- Rish Karam: @rishkaram

Rish Karam is the owner of Moksha, a luxury restaurant located in Fort Lauderdale, and of a Pandora jewelry store. He joined the cast of the show in Season 2 as Monica's new love interest and childhood friend after her break-up with Brian Benni.

He comes from a giant Indian family but lives on his own, unlike his peers. He will try to put a ring on Monica’s finger but she will show some resistance to it.

7- Vishal Parvani: @captainvish

Vishal graduated from Florida International University in 2008. He has been working for the Parvani Commercial Group as a commercial sales and leasing associate since 2012. He will be seen getting married to Richa Sadana, his partner of 11 years.

Bravo will release new episodes of Family Karma Season 3 every Sunday at 9 pm ET. Fans will be able to watch the episode on the Bravo website and the Peacock streaming application one day after the television broadcast.

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