“I’m a geriatric millennial with no time for surprises”: Family Karma star Anisha Ramakrishna dishes on engagement and falling in love

Family Karma star Anisha Ramakrishna is engaged (Image via anishramakrishna)
Family Karma star Anisha Ramakrishna is engaged (Image via anishramakrishna)

Family Karma star Anisha Ramakrishna is finally engaged and is soon getting married. Fans have been following the reality star’s journey, including her plans to freeze her eggs, on the show. Anisha is now ready to get married and start a new chapter of her life with her partner. She recently spilled the details about her marriage, proposal, and future plans with her partner.

After being “together for a year and a half,” the Bravo star officially got engaged to her boyfriend in April this year. The star shared the news on her podcast, Currently Cringing, in May.

Anisha even picked her own engagement ring as she didn't have time for surprises. Speaking about her engagement, the Family Karma told Bravo:

“It’s been a wonderful adventure so far, filled with highs, lows, and a lot of change. I did not mince my words and I was very clear about what I was looking for and what I wanted from a relationship. I mean, I even chose my engagement ring. I’m a geriatric millennial with no time for surprises and guessing games. We both know what we want.”

The couple is now planning “a small, intimate ceremony” at her parents’ home in Miami with their respective families.

Before falling in love with her partner, the Family Karma star made “a physical list of all the qualities” she was looking for in her partner. She even kept the list in her “wallet.”

She was looking for a partner with the three most essential qualities, “physical attraction, integrity, and ambition.” Speaking about her love story, she said:

“I knew my fiancé was the one when we were enjoying the ocean waves in Miami one weekend, and I asked him Dr. Aron’s 36 questions that lead to love. He answered each question thoughtfully, intelligently, honestly, and patiently.”

All about Family Karma star Anisha Ramakrishna's proposal

The Family Karma star and entrepreneur Anisha climbed the ranks of the New York City fashion industry and reached the peak of her career with her successful clothing line.

After making a mark professionally, she focused on her personal life and was keen to find Mr. Right. Having been on the dating scene for some time, she finally met her match, and the two finally got engaged after being together for over a year.

Anisha was “over the moon” at the time of the proposal but also wanted to hit someone. On her Current Cringing podcast, she said:

“Most people cry tears of joy during their proposal. No. I wanted to punch someone in the f***ing face.”

The proposal came after she gave her boyfriend a Cinco de Mayo proposal deadline. She even said she wanted the proposal to happen in either Big Sur, South Florida, or New York. She said:

“I waited 37 years for this proposal. Meeting the love of my life. It was really important to me. And I’m a traditional girl at heart so I can’t plan my proposal.”

But she did plan a part of her proposal as she consulted with her astrologer to fix the best time for it, which was in April.

“To marry him not on one knee but sitting on the couch, in the living room. No pomp and circumstance. It was filled with love and happy and I of course said yes.”

But due to the wrong ring size, the couple planned a second proposal. The Family Karma star said:

“We were chilling on the couch and the ring came. But then the ring was too big. And I knew that I wanted the official proposal.”

The couple then “scheduled” their second proposal in East Village Pizza in New York City. Aisha even secured a photographer and a videographer to capture their special moment. But after being stuck in traffic and other unplanned circumstances, the couple ended up at her friend’s apartment for the big moment.

Anisha, who moved in with her partner “shortly” after dating, is now excited for the next phase of their relationship. The Family Karma star is making sure everything goes as per plan on their wedding day, considering their busy schedule. She told Bravo:

“I may have a big personality, but I am actually very low key and it’s what we both wanted. My mom will probably throw a reception party in the spring of next year. Traditionally, I would plan a bachelorette party, a bridal shower, and a honeymoon. However, we all know I am not a traditional girl. Normalize not having all those events!"

The Family Karma star continued:

"Our schedules are hectic — we had to schedule our proposal and our wedding ceremony! We also travel a lot, so I like to think we have had many honeymoons. I’m also from Miami, where every day is happy hour and a bachelorette party. I am thrilled with my fiancé, and we have the blessings from our parents, and that’s what is most important to me.”

The couple currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona. The Family Karma star is “looking forward to building a beautiful life” with her partner and “creating lovely new memories” with their families while balancing her work.

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