EXCLUSIVE: Korean YouTuber Jenna dishes a possible Indo-Korean collab in the offing and her BTS bias

Korean YouTuber Jenna makes interesting revelations in her exclusive interview with SK POP (Image via Jennas_Korea)
Korean YouTuber Jenna makes interesting revelations in her exclusive interview with SK POP (Image via Jennas_Korea)

Over the years, India and South Korea have forged a relationship closer than their diplomatic ties, and one of the frontrunners in this initiative is a young and bright Korean girl, Jenna.

Jenna is a Korean YouTuber and content creator based in South Korea, who “fell in love with India” and took it upon herself to travel to the country, explore its customs and traditions, and introduce Indian culture to Korea in a better way. However, what sets Jenna apart from most other content creators is her shining aura, inimitable charm, grace, and genuine love for Korean and Indian cultures.

Korean content creator Jenna speaks to SK POP about her Indo-Korea content plans (Image via Jennas_Korea)
Korean content creator Jenna speaks to SK POP about her Indo-Korea content plans (Image via Jennas_Korea)

Boasting almost 20k followers on her Instagram and 135k subscribers on her YouTube channel, the talented content creator is fast cementing her spot as one of the most influential and exciting ambassadors for Indo-Korean-centric content. Moreover, with her unmissable spark and spunk, she has certainly become one of our favorite content creators to watch out for.

Despite being on a tight schedule with constant travel and work, Jenna kindly agreed to answer some interview questions in an exclusive chat with SK POP’s Anwaya Mane, dishing on a possible Indo-Korean collab in the offing and revealing which BTS member is her bias.

Disclaimer: The interview was edited for clarity and grammar purposes.

Jenna reveals which popular BTS track vibes best with Bollywood

Korean content creator Jenna reveals her favorite BTS member (Image via Jennas_Korea)
Korean content creator Jenna reveals her favorite BTS member (Image via Jennas_Korea)

Q) For our readers’ benefit, tell us more about yourself, your hobbies, MBTI, etc.

JENNA: I work in Korea to understand and introduce the cultures of both countries by producing content that captures the cultural, educational, and lifestyle differences between India and Korea, along with scheduling projects such as movies and TV shows in the Korean entertainment industry. I also conduct global meetings, and manage and communicate with actors and production companies.

At the same time, I am almost the first Korean to wear various Indian clothes, such as saree and kurti. Moroever, I introduce Indian culture to Korea, and introduce Korean culture, studying abroad, and lifestyle to Indian friends, taking the lead in exchanges between the two countries.

I have also attended and participated in various Indian cultural events at the Indian Cultural Center in Korea. My hobbies are walking with my dog and hiking, and I like to do sports such as ballet, spinning, and swimming. When I don't go out, I like to do quiet activities indoors, like watching Netflix movies or YouTube at home or playing the piano to relieve stress.

I've taken the MBTI test a few times, and it seems to change quite often. It used to be ENFJ, but last time it was ESFP. I think the reason is that MBTI has a lot of different sides. Therefore, MBTI's personality is not biased toward one side but has all the tendencies that seem to change frequently. So, I think the one thing that doesn't change is E's position, which is to say that I'm basically a warm, bright personality.


Q) How did you first discover Indian culture, and what fascinated you the most about it?

JENNA: My family is very interested in world history and culture, and India is one of the most interesting countries that we are interested in. Moreover, we often see content related to it. My uncle has traveled to India for a long time and is interested in India, so he often explained the country, Indian culture, and the film industry.

Moreover, my uncle works in a film production company, so he is preparing a remake of a movie called Miracle in Cell No.7 in India. Hence, through the Indian films recommended by my uncle, I gradually started to learn about India and Indian culture and became interested.

Besides that, while watching various Indian music videos and documentaries, I fell in love with the country and got to where I am today. So this time, I want to move around each region of India and introduce Indian culture to Korea in a better way.

Q) Indian fans are fairly familiar with Korean culture thanks to K-pop and K-dramas. What is that one aspect of Korean culture that you wish to introduce to your Indian subscribers?

JENNA: One of Korea's unique cultural features is the “sauna” culture. We call this place "Jjimjilbang," which is a 24-hour comprehensive facility that includes saunas and so much more.

There is not only a wet sauna but also a dry sauna, where people can wear t-shirts and shorts provided by the Jjimjilbang, talk to each other, lie down, and have a snack and eat delicious food at a kiosk.

One can do a variety of things in one space. Jjimjilbang is a social place for families, close friends, and couples to spend hours and hours at a time just to loosen up muscles, sweat, and wash up.

One can talk for a few hours at night in the commons without annoyance or hesitation, and then if they feel like they can, sleep over. Since it is a culture unique to Korea that many Koreans like, I would like to introduce and recommend it because I think Indian friends can enjoy it together when they come to Korea.

Q) According to you, what are some similarities between Korean and Indian cultures? What do you think it is about Korean culture that Indians really like?

JENNA: The similarities between the two countries that I feel are that both countries give importance to family/society/community and each individual. Korea is changing a lot these days, but I feel both countries have the warmth of respecting the elders in their families and caring for their families and communities.

Additionally, both countries have a great enthusiasm for education. Under the strict teachings of their parents, students aspire to study hard, get into a good college, or have a stable, good job.

I think these cultures are very similar between the two countries. However, I also think that one of the aspects of Korean culture that Indians like is K-pop and dance. K-pop in Korea is a form of showcasing a wonderful performance while performing sword choreography with an addictive chorus.

On the other hand, if you listen to Indian music, many rhythms and songs are upbeat, addictive, and perfect for dancing. Both countries have the characteristics of liking music and dancing very much, so this is very impressive and seems to be a favorable factor for my Indian friends.


Q) Do you draw inspiration from other Indo-Korean content creators? Who do you like the best and who would you love to collaborate with?

JENNA: I get a lot of inspiration from the “Pooh in Korea” channel, who lives in Korea, and “Sarah Sarosh”, a famous Indian beauty YouTuber who I collaborated with. If you look at the “Pooh in Korea” channel, you can find out the viewpoints that Indians are interested in about Korea. At the same time, she also lives in Korea, so you can see how she is embracing Korean culture.

Sarah is an Indian YouTuber passionate about communicating with her subscribers. Having collaborated with her, I learned a lot about the way she interacts with her Indian subscribers and meets the interests of young ladies through her content.

I would like to meet Sakshma Srivastav, an Indian YouTuber who is interested in Korean culture and creates interesting content. We can share the similarities and differences between the two countries, and we can imitate the lines and performances of popular dramas between the two countries.

I hope to see them on my next visit to India. Also, it’s my strong desire to meet Hritik Roshan since he’s my favorite Indian actor. In the future, if I ever get a chance to meet him, it would be my honor to exchange our cultural diversities.

Q) How do you work on content creation? Do you plan it in great detail or create it spontaneously?

JENNA: I think about what things to shoot, how to host the event as an MC, and how to interview relevant people and work closely with the Indian Cultural Center in Seoul, Korea. However, when creating my own content, I plan the content so that Koreans can naturally see and experience Indian culture while feeling as comfortable as possible.

I also try to take time and opportunities to experience as many different Indian cultures as possible in Korea and India because I have a lot of questions about Indian culture that I have never experienced. I always spontaneously plan, organize, and create because I really want to know a lot about Indian culture and the country. Moreover, this is also what I like a lot.

Q) What has been the most challenging and exciting piece of content to create?

JENNA: At first, having to show Korean people wearing traditional Indian outfits, such as saree, in famous places or streets in Korea was new to me. Carrying the saree was not easy for me as I was also unfamiliar with wearing Indian clothing at the time.

I was also a worried about how traditional Indian clothes would be perceived by Koreans who only wear westernized clothes. However, when a lot of Koreans looked at me with interest and asked what country the dress was from, they asked about the saree, Indian culture, the country, etc.

I was really happy to talk about India together. It is also one of the most exciting times for me to wear a traditional Maharashtrian saree. Personally, one of the most fun experiences for me was when I visited a famous Korean market wearing a saree in the form of a trouser.

Moreover, it had been one of the most fun experiences for me to make content revolving around Indian culture while showing Koreans what a beautiful Marathi traditional saree looks like.


Q) What are your future plans? Do you have any plans to branch out of content creation? Perhaps Korean movies or dramas?

JENNA: I would like to visit India more often in the future, and I want to meet a lot of Indian YouTubers and people from various fields who are interested in Korea. Additionally, I plan to meet many Indian people with whom I can work to promote Indian culture in Korea better.

I would also like to take the lead in promoting exchanges between Korea and India by participating in events or performances related to both countries. Moreover, through this trip to India, I think we will be able to understand Indian and Korean culture better and create more content that we can enjoy together. I want to share a lot about India that I have experienced and know with Korean people who are interested in the same.

I want to help Indian students who want to work, study, or are interested in Korea or Korean culture, which is one of my great wishes. I also desire to collaborate with both the countries to create film content related to them. However, it's still in the process, so I'm not sure. I'll share something with you when something is more clearly decided.

Q) Finally, we hope you visit India again soon. Do you have any messages for your Indian subscribers?

JENNA: Many Indian friends love and care about Korean culture, such as K-pop and K-drama, so I really want to thank you on behalf of Koreans. To strengthen the relationship between Korea and India and to make it more open and actively interactive, I, Jenna, a Korean, will take the lead in creating content and introducing the cultures of both countries.


I hope that many Indian subscribers and friends will also help me promote Indian culture and traditional clothing in the future, support what I do for both countries, and ask for a lot of love and attention.

Get to know Jenna better through this fun rapid-fire round

Korean content creator Jenna reveals which BTS song vibes best with Bollywood (Image via Jennas_Korea)
Korean content creator Jenna reveals which BTS song vibes best with Bollywood (Image via Jennas_Korea)

Q) Who is your BTS bias?

JENNA: RM. Basically, I like all members of BTS! But if you have to choose one of them, RM is my bias. I love his smartness, warm-heartedness, and even his clumsy act and hands.

Q) Instagram or YouTube, which one do you like better?

JENNA: YouTube. The question is similar to "Do you like daddy or mommy?" I can't choose. YouTube is very effective in showing me what it is. Instagram is perfect for quickly announcing and notifying things in a timely manner. Therefore, I can't choose.

Q) A K-pop song you think vibes the best with Bollywood?

JENNA: Butter by BTS is one of the best songs that vibes best with Bollywood. The song is very exciting and goes well with any dance. Just imagining it as part of a Bollywood movie and the actors dancing to Butter makes my heart flutter.


Q) A K-drama best suited for an Indian remake?

JENNA: A relatively recent drama in Korea is Twenty-Five Twenty-One. Personally, I think the love and emotional line of this drama is appropriate for Indian culture as well and will gain a lot of sympathy from audiences. Moreover, because it is a fun and moving drama, so it would be good for an Indian remake.


Q) Tteokbokki or Pav Bhaji?

JENNA: Now, it's definitely Pav Bhaji! The taste varies according to the type and place, so it is unconditionally Pav Bhaji!!

Q) One word to describe India-Korea bond

JENNA: Consistency. Both countries have their own past and struggles, but our urge to grow more has always kept us motivated. So one word that describes the India-Korea bond is consistency.

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