BTS V’s global fanbase send goodies to Vogue Korea’s team for a successful solo October cover

BTS V's fanbase send amazing goodies to Vogue Korea team (Image via Twitter/@taehyungpic)

BTS V’s global fanbase banded together to send some goodies to Vogue Korea’s editorial team to express gratitude for taking care of the Singularity singer and shooting a successful solo October cover with him.

On October 31, BTS V’s Korean and international fans arranged for lunch boxes, drinks, and flower baskets for the Vogue Korea team to thank them for the singer's beautiful pictures and the detailed, in-depth interview. They also thanked the team for giving Taehyung the royal treatment.

The goodies were wrapped in purple, BTS’ brand color, co-incidentally chosen by BTS V at the group’s fifth muster. The Sweet Night singer believes purple, the last color of the rainbow, denotes a long-term fruitful relationship.

BTS V became the first celebrity to feature on six covers of the same publication

In August, shortly after BTS announced their plans to take a temporary break from group activities, V flew to New York. At the time, speculation in the media was that he was going to spend time with BLACKPINK’s Jennie, whom he was rumored to be in a relationship with.

However, eagle-eyed fans found out that he was in fact shooting for his debut solo cover for Vogue Korea magazine.

In September, Vogue Korea dropped the first sneak peek of BTS V’s Vogue cover, revealing that he has been chosen as their cover star for October. Vogue Korea crowned him with the title of “icon of an era” for his resounding success, popularity, and global influence, both as a member of BTS and as a solo artist.

He also became the first celebrity to feature on six covers of Vogue Korea.

The interview was titled "V being V," wherein the Inner Child singer candidly spoke about his flying career with BTS, his dreams, ambitions, him being a social butterfly, and ushering into a solo career.

So, to celebrate the end of a super successful cover month for BTS V, his global fanbase thanked Vogue Korea’s team for giving him the royal treatment and a solo pictorial interview of a lifetime.

“Thank you for showcasing the unforgettable inside and outer beauty of Kim Taehyung in your October issue magazine campaign. You have shown the world how special V is to us all.”

Fans’ massive efforts were acknowledged by Vogue Korea’s director Eunyoung Sohn, who took to her Instagram to share the goodies and thank BTS V’s fanbase for their kind gesture, revealing that fans’ love is a motivation for the Vogue Korea team.

The goodies included a box and flowers with BTS V’s photo on the cover, gorgeously tied with a purple ribbon.

BTS fans also lauded V’s global fanbase for their efforts in assembling these lovely goodies for the Vogue Korea team.

V’s global fanbase also clarified that the goodies were arranged before Itaewon’s stampede tragedy on October 29 which claimed at least 155 lives, as per the latest reports.

V’s Vogue Korea cover surpassed 50,000 pre-orders on Ktown4u in just ten days after the pre-orders were announced, and set the record for the highest weekly sales for a magazine on Ktown4u, a popular site to order K-pop albums and merch from.

BTS V’s Vogue Korea cover sold out like hot-cakes in Japan

V’s Vogue Korea cover sold like hotcakes in Japan. His six solo cover variations were displayed in Japan’s biggest book store, Tsutaya Bookstore. It is known as Japan’s largest bookstore chain.

V’s magazine covers were displayed in Tsutaya Bookstores in Shibuya and Ginza, Tokyo, where the magazine covers competed with one another and were sold out even before after they were restocked due to popular demand.

In fact, there was a separate section dedicated to the V’s six solo Vogue Korea covers, attesting to his global popularity yet again.

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